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Hey friends, I have decided to do an awesome post for your viewing please. Below I am going to take a look at 10 awesome blogs that have the best most current and awesome information. I believe this post will be a goldmine for a very long time. So sit back, relax and let’s take a look at the best blogs in our niche!!!

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These are in no particular order and the websites that I am going to share with you are in my opinion the best, of course people have different views on what is good and bad….but lets get to it shall we? (awesome I hope your having a great day)


Social media has always been a force to reckon with, but in the last five years or so it has exploded and exploded into something huge. Rankings on google are starting to take into account social media signals and there are a lot of smart marketers MAKING A TON OF MONEY OF SOCIAL MEDIA!!

Social media examiner is fantastic. It has an awesome website design, some of the best content around and it’s very easy to navigate within the site. The website post regularly and the content is 150% on point and gives great guidance. No wander it is one of the top social media websites in the world.

With nearly 500,000 email subscribers, this website definitely knows what there doing. I like their mission statement..”Our mission is to help you navigate the constantly changing social media jungle.” (disclaimer, credit for this copy going to socialmediaexaminer.com about page).


Johnchow.com is another great website. John is one of the biggest money makers in the IMO niche and for one good reason….he knows what works and what does not. With many books under his name and being one of the best affiliate marketers around, you should definitely visit this site a lot. He posts regularly and his sites just rocks!!

John sites is very easy to look around and I love how he does a lot of great videos and shares his life with us. It make it more personal and I really like that. More websites should definitely follow john’s lead and then maybe they can make a lot of money too (haha).

In 2005 he had a mission and that was to work the least he could, whilst making a tidy sum of money. Having a blog online for the past 11 years is very inspiring to see and I love the hard work, consistently and dedication it has taken to produce a large amount of content.


For number three we are going to look at a site called shoemoney. Now, if you have been online any amount of time then you would have heard of shoemoney. Its a fantastic website with a great slogan “skills to pay the bills” (copyright credit@shoemoney.com).

Jeremy has been online since 2003 & boy does he know his stuff. I could spend hours on his website and learn so much valuable stuff it is unreal. You can definitely benefit from this too!! I like one of his famous photos where he shows everyone a cheque of earning $130,000 IN A MONTH, THROUGH GOOGLE ADSENSE. That is just mind blowing.

The website has a crazy amount of great content and I even like the fact that he has left his very first blog post on the site. It is the default WordPress post which says hello world. I also love the graphics and post structure, just awesome…a great blog.


If your focus is going to be making money from a blog then this site is a must read. This site is so fantastic and I visit it on a regular basis. With informative and entertaining information, this is one of the best blogs that I have the pleasure in reading. Consistently updated & easy to use I love this site!

Darren the owner has been online a long time and when I say a long time, I mean 2002 long (haha). That is so awesome! I really like his about page, it has great content, video and many other cool things, that is definitely a must see in my opinion.

The site is very well optimized and it is one of the top visited websites in the world. I could spend all day on there, but then when would I get my work done?? AWESOME WEBSITE, AWESOME CONTENT!!


I just love this website, now maybe I am being a nerd but I love all the bright colour and designs. Zac has really branded himself well and that has obviously paid off. He now make millions of dollars online each year and if you look at his website and content you will see why.

Zac has been making money online for 20 years so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about making money online in many different areas. His blog went live in 2007 and has since then been producing some of the best content on the internet. With over 1000 articles, this is such an awesome resource.

The right information is key and Zac provides a lot of unique, right content. This is one blog I definitely visit on a regular basis!


If you have not heard of this website before then you have been living under a rock (joke) but seriously its one of the best blogs online. The information is out of this world. Who needs paid products, when you can just find the information on this awesome blog. It will require work, but its there.

Ryan diess is definitely in a league of his own. Not to bash the other people…but man this guy has skills and he has the content to back that up. He also have a hard cover book on one of the best email practices EVER!! It also helps that he is such a nice guy as well, as you will find out if you watch his video’s.

He has a very large following and knows his stuff. I highly recommend you look at his start here page, the information will blow your mind and oh yeah the posts are long, I mean 3000 or more words long. Content is king like they say!!


Oh I am excited about this one. This too is one of the best websites in our niche that I have seen. The content is so impressive, that this sites need a lot more exposure for sure. The site has a very clean design and they have branded themselves very well. I also am jealous of all their pictures by a swimming pool with their laptop (are you :P).

These guys know site optimization well and have many other income streams that have allowed them to make six figures in revenue. I like the immense value they add and they have some really big things planned for 2016. Awesome I can’t wait to read more!!

Smart marketers and overall great guys.


This website is a goldmine for anyone looking to make money online properly. This site has been around for a lot of years and the author also has many other sites that receive millions of visitors a month. I like the style of this blog, where top ten and top 100 lists make for awesome posts. I really do love this type of posts.

Split into clear sections, the ease of use of this site is great. I personally like how there are sections to navigate and this also definitely helps user experience…which I feel is very important to any successful website or blog. I find the fact that it was in the past a trending topic of twitter a great things. Not just anything or anyone can say that now can they?.

The post layout and images add to a awesome feel and I love how things just flow. (maybe I need his website designer for my blog).


Another amazing website with some of the best content around. Jeff is one of the best bloggers in the world and you can see this from his site. Focusing heavily on marketing and social media techniques, Jeff definitely defines his authority for these subject and this is evident in his work.

Jeff has won many awards and his blog receives over 5 millions visitors a year, that is amazing and it comes from a lot of patience and hard work. Jeff has over 250,000 readers on his lists and I bet you he provides a lot of important tips and value.

His blog features a simple yet highly effective design and it has a great flow to it.


The last website I want to look at is this one. Wow try saying this site a couple times over when you have had a few too many drinks. This site is fantastic, Matthew definitely knows his stuff and is one of the top authorities in SEO and all things SEO. You will find this site very enjoyable and you will be amazed at some of his posts.

A few examples include how he managed to rank a site with very little SEO, just pure value and content sharing & many about his personal achievements as one of the most successful bloggers online. Man does this guy ever put the work in and it shows!! Good job Matt.

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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