8 Awesome Ways To Make Money Online-What Will You Choose?

Making money online is possible and people all across the world are doing it EVERYDAY!! Today I am going to share with you 8 great ways to make money online and go through some cool stuff with each of them. By the way I hope your having an awesome day and thanks for reading my blog….it makes me happy!!


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So lets get started shall we? Below are eight ways to make money! I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I am going to enjoy writing it (its my passion to help people and I love it).

Ok here the list:-

  3. EBAY


PTC or paid to click sites have been around for many years. One of the most popular sites is NEOBUX. You will need to create an account and then you will get paid to click links on the website to view advertisements. Now, this was one of my first ways to make money online and back then I did not know how to use these sites properly, but I do now.

The key to making money with pay to click sites is REFERALLS AND LOTS OF THEM!! Most people get annoyed when they do it on their own because a certain number of ads are allowed a day and they only pay a small amount. But don’t think like that I am telling you now a lot of money can be made on this site.

What you need to do is get people clicking for you aswell. Then you will earn when you referalls click on links. The more you have and the more they click….the more you can make lets have a look at an example below:-

so say you had 500 referalls, your earnings would look like this:-

$20 a day

$609 a month

$7400 a year

Now, the following numbers are based on 500 clicking 4 ads a day (so easy)

I thing that I also love is that you can send referrals yourself through traffic sources, or even rent them on the site how cool is that. Now this is for some people and for some people its not but I wanted to show you the potential of this!! Lets move on……….


Becoming an amazon affiliate is a very smart decision and a great way to earn an income online. Lets look more into this shall we? I have mentioned in my previous post about affiliate marketing, so you know the basics, but lets look in more detail at amazon.

The first thing I love about amazon is that it is an authority site and people trust it. This is so important online and also it will help you make money with the way its markets to people. It truly is a win win situation. Another good point I want to make is you can promote digital or physical products (this is great for your marketing).

Here is how to make money with amazon:-

  1. You need to do some market research. You can use platforms like google trends, a keyword tool like google planner and also alexa.com and similarweb.com. You can use these platforms to find a buyers market.
  2. Create a review website using free templates such as blogger or wordpress or you can invest in paid platforms such as click funnels and optimise press. Create great reviews, show value and link to your amazon affiliate products.
  3. Find what works and scale up the number of products you promote, also take advantage of the holidays like black Friday, Christmas and people birthdays. When done right this is a goldmine.

Ill touch more on review websites, market research etc later on but for now this is just a list of ways to make money.


Making money with ebay is a great source of income. People have made millions from ebay….is it your turn? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Just like amazon, ebay has a trust rating of hig quality. People buy things from here everyday and it wont stop anytime soon.

Marketing affiliate products will only be half the battle with this site also. Because once you start selling products, you will get traffic from ebay as well and then the sky is the limit. Just like amazon you will need to follow a similar structure….but let me make it more clear for you 🙂

1)Research your niche and market

2)Decide on what type of products you want to promote

3)Build trust and reputation rating

4)Produce review sites and product funnels

5)Market and promote



Another way to make money is by creating your own website…you have obviously heard of sites like CNN or forbes and sites like perez Hilton and blogger sites etc. THESE SITES ALL MAKE ALOT OF MONEY!! This is definitely one of the more advanced ways to make money online, but you can do it….what is stopping you. Ok so lets look at how websites make money!!!

They make money from a variety of sources:-

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate commissions
  • Membership areas
  • AdSense Ads
  • Product sales
  • Private advertising

There are many things you can do to a website to make it profitable…..but my best advice I can give you is create GREAT VALUE AND CONTENT, THEN THE MONEY WILL COME. You also need to make sure you know how to optimise a website for SEO, build traffic and build a list etc. But more indepth on all of these subjects later!!


If you have been searching for any time on the internet you would know a site called Fiverr. Now, in recent years this site has got a bit of a bad name….but I personally think like anything in the online world…if you do it right and do it properly you can make money!!

You make money on fiverr by doing tasks for five dollars. Sounds simple enough right? But what most people fail to do it properly, here is how to do this properly lets have a look at HOW TO REALLY MAKE MONEY WITH FIVERR!!

You will need to do these thing to make money with fiverr:-

  • You will need to look at what other people are having success with. Fiverr has functions such as recommended, high rating and new. You can see what is working well by looking at people rating and the number of gigs they have done.
  • Work your way up the rating ladder. Fiverr uses a rating system for their people gigs. Level one and two seller and top rated seller. Work your way up the levels and you can make more money!
  • Treat this like a business and use upsells. So in this case….fiverr gig extras. You can charge $10 or even $20 dollars for extra and make a full time income. Lots of companies use upsells…one example MCDS!!!
  • Promote your gig!! Fiverr will do pretty well with marketing it on their site, but always do extra and be the best….more people equals more money for you!!!(more on fiverr in future posts)


You could make money by teaching people what you know. Do you know how to play music? Speak a language? Anything you can do, you can make money with by creating a teaching course over at udemy.com! One of the m key things with this site is that they will market your courses and get you exposure. Of course they will take a percentage of sales, but this is a goldmine…..as traffic is one hard thing to master!
Here is a great checklist to become successful with udemy:-
  • One of the most important things for your course will be video training, it one of the main requirements to post your course so do this.
  • Be specific and decide your niche. Most people who try and produce a course of udemy fail to do this and they wander why they don’t make much money. Tackle one subject for example:- “teach French only” don’t teach german, Spanish and French. Specify here is key.
  • Promote your course, even though udemy will, you should promote your course also, the more eyes on your course the better!
  • The more courses you have the more expertise you can showcase, so scaling up is definitely key here also!

Ok lets move on……


One of the more simple ways to make money online is too buy something of low price and then sell it for a high price…with domain flipping you can do just that. You can purchase domain names from many places online such as hostgator or go daddy. A domain is a fancy name for a website by the way haha.

The key here is to find domain names that are of high quality. You should aim to be the best at making money and with everything you do…it should be your best. There need to be a need for that domain, find ones that people want and capitalise on this. More often than not shorter domains work very well rather than large ones. For example money.com will attract more people than bobmakesmoneyfromhishome.com.

We can go into more detail on domain flipping later on……:)


Youtube is one of the most visited websites online so it only makes sense that we can use this to make money. A lot of people do make an income this way and maybe this is an option for you….so lets have a look at how we can do this.

You can make money with youtube by producing quality videos and then getting paid for when people view your content. You will have ads in your videos and you can also link to your website in the description section of your videos.

I am going to create a post soon on youtube money!! Stayed tuned for that one!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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