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Welcome to makemoneylivegood.com: A blog that helps people generate real, legitimate incomes from home! I want this page to be about me AND YOU!! My name is Shaun Farmer and I make money from the internet!

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Here is what I am going to do for you!

You see my friend I want to tell you something right off the bat. Making money online is possible, but you need to be aware of the many scams and bullshit information out there. I don’t mean to put you off or “crush your dreams”. That is not my aim, my aim is to ignite a fire, a passion and a positive mindset moving forward! Here is what I am going to do:-

  • Provide the best value I can to you and teach you everything in a simple way!
  • Keep my blog consistently updated & always strive to find information that help you!
  • I will share case studies, blueprints & step by step tutorials where I can!
  • Be the best resource for you I can, through trust and quality content I will provide this!

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 Why did I start this blog?

Back 5 years ago I was searching on the mighty GOOGLE for ways to earn more money. Now, I didn’t care what I had to do…I just knew in my mind that I needed more money on the side and then combined with my day job I would earn a decent income.

I fell for all the shiny objects and the more I looked into “making money online”, the more money I wasted. The first site I came across was a paid to click site. I thought wow, you just click ads and get money. I thought to myself “wow this is easy.

So, I signed up and began clicking ads, but what I didn’t know was these ads were only worth $0.001 and you were limited to 10 clicks a day. I was frustrated, it had taken me twenty minutes to sign up for the bloody thing. Anyway, pissed off I moved onto something else.

“make $1000 a day with this secret system”…oh yeah baby I wanted a $1000 a day who didn’t. So, I parted with the $47 from my PayPal account and got this e-book in my email. All 88 pages of it. I was excited but then I quickly realised this information was bullshit. IT DID NOT TEACH ME HOW TO MAKE $1000 ADAY, IT TAUGHT NOTHING!

Anyway for the next year, I spent more money in the search for the gold. My mindset was wrong, my wallet was empty and I was getting really upset. So, I decided to change. I changed my mindset, I stopped paying for BS products and I went on a learning spree. You see education & knowledge is the key to making money online.

For many years now, I have applied what I have learned and I make income from several different sources. Websites, affiliate programs etc to name a few. Look I don’t make $1000,00000,0000 a year but I do make some great income!! The biggest tip I can give you is be consistent and NEVER GIVE UP….

to your success

I started this blog to help everyone achieve everything. Here is my mission:


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