Affiliate Marketing Starter Guide : 4 Steps To Success!

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Starter Guide!

Welcome friend to your affiliate marketing starter guide! Grab a coffee or tea and sit back. I will be giving you some useful and actionable information today, I hope you like it and feel free as always to comment below and make this post even better!

My aim today is to help you navigate through this wonderful online income world and have a look at affiliate marketing step by step! Most people fail because they have no process or just “shoot in the dark”. This will not work online, let alone any business. You need a clear process and more often than not a clear blueprint.

Today, you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing…THE RIGHT WAY! Let’s get started shall we?

Affiliate Marketing Starter Guide : STEP ONE (1)

For the first step you need to make sure that you do your research properly! You will need to decide on what niche your going to target. Before we continue I just want to help you out with something (I know I’m great haha). A niche is not weight loss for example, that is a market. A niche is an area of a market, a targeted area! So, for example a niche of the market weight loss could be….women over 40 looking to lose belly fat.

You need to research a niche properly and it must be targeted as possible. This way your marketing plan will be a lot more effective and you can definitely make more sales! Have a look at the screenshot below, it is taken from the ClickBank market place, which is one of many affiliate platforms that your be able to leverage to make money with affiliate marketing.

affiliate marketing starter guide


As you can see from the above screenshot, I have highlighted the markets. Can you see? So, for example in the arts and entertainment market, you would want to look at shifting your focus to something like “body art”. There are a ton of products you can promote and their is definitely a market for this. But, Shaun how do you know if their is a market? Well, one way is to do a simple search in google and look at some numbers. So, below I searched for the keyword “tattoo gallery online”…

affiliate marketing starter guide1So, as you can see, that’s 11,500,000 results. Common sense just from this one check will tell you their is demand. There is more checks that can be done, but I wanted to show you that one for now! There is no hard or fast rule, but when keywords get into the millions, there is interest, demand and people willing to spend money. From our keyword example above we could promote a product called “Chopper Tattoo Designs”. This is a site that has the largest online selection of tattoo designs and guess what the affiliate commission is great ($17.70 per sale great!).

Affiliate Marketing Starter Guide : STEP TWO (2)

Ok, so now you have your niche selected you can move onto the next step! For this step you will need to decide on how your going to market the affiliate product. You see rookies would simply pay for advertising and then in their ad they would have a link to the product sales page, this is not good. You need to be able to stand out!

But before you even begin to think about traffic you really need to understand your target niche and what they are looking for! A lot of people skip this step and then they wander why their campaigns fail! Yes, it will take work and sometimes it can take a long time to do this, but hard work equals great results! (I know you love results!)

So, how do you decide on an angle and marketing strategy? Well, one way to do this is use a tool called BuzzSumo! Go to that website and type a keyword in here: I will use the same keyword as above tattoo gallery online! You will see a screen like below:

Capture 1

Then we can hit search and you will see something like this:


To be honest this is not the best example, but you can see the general layout and information! Now, what is interesting about this is that you can see the social shares, headlines and sites etc. This is a goldmine, you can see what popular, what sort of content people are looking for and then you can create your own unique angle from this research! There just one way to do this :). Ok, moving on…..

Affiliate Marketing Starter Guide : STEP THREE (3)

Ok, so where do we go next? Well, your next step will be to figure out the platform you are going to be using for your affiliate promotions. There are a few ways to do this such as affiliate review sites or from your blog. But you need to focus and choose one thing that you can produce a killer campaign around! FOCUS IS KEY!! You could do a affiliate review site like this:

image source/

This is a typical review site where they talk about the product! Now, this can be good but a lot of people do this and for many keywords there is a lot of competition. But don’t let that scare you, your unique marketing angle and personal touch will make up for it and blow the competition away!. Another option you can do is create a landing page from paid ads or free traffic. Below is an example of a affiliate landing page:

image source/

As you can see this is a good example. You will be able to collect email addresses and then really market your product on a more personal level! This is how real marketers win the game! Ok, let’s move on to the next step!

Affiliate Marketing Starter Guide : STEP FOUR (4)

Ok, so let’s just re cap! You have your niche selected and it’s targeted! You have a product you can promote and you have been given a beginners guide to finding a marketing angle and you have been shown some examples of review sites and landing pages!. You will now need to get traffic to your review site or landing page and then you can put people through your marketing funnel (if your using a landing page) or take people on an awesome review journey with a review style site.

Now, because this is a starter guide I don’t want to bombard you with a million traffic sources. So, let’s just look at one example below shall we? Ok, so the example below is from a bing ads search!

image source/

This was the landing page I landed on when I clicked this person ad on bing. This is a good example and you can see in action what is happening but ill explain further! Follow me below:

  • So, I went to bing and typed in the keyword “potty training for kids”.
  • Then, I saw an ad and decided to click on it for this example.
  • Then, the above page is what I saw, it’s a landing page for a popular potty training affiliate product.
  • Now, when you click the “watch video” button it goes to the sales page!

This is one way to promote your affiliate products! I hope you have like my affiliate marketing starter guide and will come back to it whenever you need some quality advice or tips! This is a starter guide in the future I will be producing a more advanced guide. Thanks for your time!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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