Amazon Affiliate Site Review & Break-Down: 10BigReviews!

Hey guys and gals and welcome to my latest blog post. Today, I want to look at an amazon review site and really break it down so you guys can see why and how it works and a lot of other cool stuff along the way! Ok, so let’s begin and look at this cool amazon affiliate review site.

As many of you are aware it takes a lot of time and effort to produce a good site that will make money and stand the test of time. There is so many elements and things that make up a powerhouse of a money site, but what are they and why are they so important? You see making successful review sites isn’t easy (most affiliates think it is). I am here to tell you it’s not and you will see why in this post.

But regular readers of this blog know that I have the “no quit” attitude and it seems a lot of other successful people do online also.

The amazon affiliate review site we will be looking at today is ====>! This site is an amazon review site where a team of reviewers review hundreds of products online. At the moment it is a fairly small site, but this is going to be a mega amazon site! I love there moto “WE REVIEW IT BIG”.

Some similar review sites and amazon big hitters are:-




So, now for those of you that aren’t aware there has always been a lot of policies from amazon in terms of their affiliates the affiliate site that they own. To be approved in to the amazon program, there was a time when you needed to make one sale in a 90 day period and then this was increased to one sale in 180 day period. But just last week, they have now changed that policy again and it is this:


I honestly think that now amazon are trying to make it harder for affiliates, but at the same time they want good sites that make sales and get enough traffic. Ok, let’s get right into this shall we?

Ok so…..

(They have all the good legal pages)

They have an about page, terms of use, privacy policy etc. This will really help Google put more trust in you when you have these pages and it will also help amazon when they go to review your site, you will be deemed more respected and trust worthy and that is what you want!

You will also notice something important and that is the amazon disclaimer. You might or might not know that when you have an amazon review site, you need to clearly state that your an amazon affiliate and they give you all the information to put in this disclaimer. A lot of people don’t do this and then they wander why they get banned or not approved.

It is also good to have a contact page also, because from all my years online, I tend to like and trust sites more if I feel I can contact them if I have a problem or question!

You don’t actually have to write the privacy policy or TOS yourself, if you do a quick google search you will find some sites dedicated to just this!

Ok, moving on…. let’s look at another area of this site!

(They have a good menu structure and decluttered header)

As you can see the logo is simple and its on point, as well as being bright and eye catching. A lot of people when they make websites tend to make the logo really complicated and for what? What does this achieve other than confuse someone.

Next, the simple search bar in the top right looks clean and this will engage the visitor more and keep them on the site longer which is what you want. They will see it and then they will want to search for things and thus , this will decrease the bounce rate and then help with rankings.

And lastly, they have a really prominent menu and clean display. You know exactly what your getting and where to go when you want to find the necessary information. As, you can see the creators of this site have been clever and the money pages (the review pages) have colons around to draw the eye to that menu item, clever stuff hey. They could go one step further and make it a different colour, but maybe soon they will figure that out.

(They have very good review structure)

So, why is this a good review layout well….

  • They use very good sentence structure.
  • They have call to action buttons.
  • They use images very well.
  • They have a good title.
  • They make clever use of contextual affiliate link.
  • They use the product name well.

So, there you go I hope you have enjoyed like this mini review… if your interested in seeing the whole site then you can click here to check it out. I will be doing bigger and larger reviews in the future so stayed tuned for that and as always comment and contact me if you need too!

Thanks shaun 🙂

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