Authority Nutrition Review : This Case Study Will Help Your Business

Authority Nutrition Review : Let’s look At This Powerhouse Of A Site

Hey and welcome to my authority nutrition review post! Today, I want to share with you an in depth case study on this powerhouse of a site and of course offer as much value as I can! Sit back grab a coffee and let’s get into this case study are you ready? OK good…

authority nutrition review

There are going to be many things that make up this authority nutrition review, such as looking at how this blog makes money, some really cool unique stuff and even at the end of this post I have done a video of this case study which I think you will agree is really good, so please check that out and subscribe to future awesome case studies!

Ok, let’s begin. So the first thing I love about this site is the logo. It’s simple yet very effective because it only has 2 colours but an awesome image that is relevant to what the site is about. You need to make sure that this happens when you produce a site of your own.

image source

The logo is bold and it just looks authoritive, they have designed this very well and a lot of thought has gone into this. I also like the image because it shows a person looking through a microscope as to say “look what I am examining..just excellent!

Ok, let move on with this authority nutrition review shall we? I want to next look at the header section where all the menu items are clean and clear and really make it easy for people to navigate the site. This is one of the ranking factors in Google, easy and proper navigation helps your content to rank higher which is of course what all website owners want.


Do you ever notice on most blogs and sites online that they simple have too many navigation menus? Some people have 8 and some others even have 9. Do you see how authority nutrition has less and it’s far easier on the eye and you have an idea of where to go? Of course there are the important pages like the contact page and about me page, but what most people don’t realise it where it says science of diet, this is actually a paid product. Subtle but very effective 🙂

Are you enjoying this authority nutrition review? Let’s continue!

So, another thing that is important to an successful money making blog or website is being to captivate your audience and also connect with them and communicate with them on a personal level. You do this by having what is called an email opt in form and also social triggers! This site utilises this well!


This is so awesome because the social triggers are there and they are really enforcing how popular their brand is : “1.8 million followers”. That is just insane but can you see what is possible with hard work and consistency! AWESOME!! Authority nutrition is king and I love this site! Their sidebar is also free of junk which is good and the only thing I can see really is post categories which is awesome.

I am really enjoying writing this authority nutrition review, next I want to look at something unique. So, first off from what I can gather this site posts daily articles and they have seem to be doing this for a long time. As some people know publishing content each day is hard, but they do have a team of writers as expose to me who writes all my own content!

What I find really cool is how popular this site is. Every single day they count the views and display it next to their blogs posts:


SEE THE NUMBER OF VIEWS???? Well if you like this your like the next section…

So obviously in my case study and authority nutrition review I am really digging deep in how to this site is such a powerhouse and I want to look at one more thing. Moving on, I want to look at keywords and SEO within this site. I bet 80% of traffic is coming from search engines and they definitely have their pages optimized! I want to look at one of their keywords “how to lose weight”.

authority-nutrition-reviewimage source

So, let have a look at this:

  • This keyword is very competitive and gets a lot of searches a month
  • Authority nutrition ranks on page one for this
  • It is also in position one which will get a ton of traffic and clicks

So, I want to show you how many views this article has had and I am sure I will continue to rise, because there will always be people looking to lose weight! Ok see the image below:


THATS RIGHT OVER 19,000,000 MILLION VIEWS, just incredible! This is very motivating for me and I hope it is for you 🙂 Ok so I hope you have enjoyed this authority nutrition review and for some more awesomeness I have done a video about this as well, you can access it below:

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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