Aweber Tutorial : These Are The Things You Need To Know!

Aweber Tutorial : Learn What It Takes To Be Successful!

Hey and welcome to this aweber tutorial, in today’s post I want to walk you through some keys things you need to consider when setting up your aweber account and some cool other things! Grab your coffee and let’s begin shall we?


Here is what I will be covering today:

  • Why you must have the correct contact and personal information.
  • General maintance of your list, do this and you will save money!
  • How to create a follow up message…
  • Your list name and settings…
  • Paying attention to the small details!

Aweber Tutorial: Section 1

So, just like anything online one of the best practices to adhere to and to get into is being honest and with a lot of the tools that you will end up using you need to make sure that you have the right personal and contact information. This is particularly true when you send emails. You need to comply with this stuff otherwise people will flag your emails as spam and then you will be in a world of shit. (excuse my French :p).

You need to make sure first off that you have your real address and contact information at the bottom of each email you send. You can do it like this: Go to list options and then list settings, you will then see something like this ok!

Make sure your on basic settings and then scroll down to where it says contact information! Remember fill in the proper information here and you will only have to enter it once, then it will auto generate all each email you send! Don’t you just love aweber! Ok, see below:

Aweber Tutorial: Section 2

So one thing that is going to happen is that some people will unsubscribe from your list and that is normal! Hopefully you keep most people, but in order to save money and keep your list responsive you will need to do some maintance from time to time! What do I mean by this? Well, sometimes you need to check your unsubscribe list and delete these people!.

You will also need to check sometimes if people are opening your emails and when the last one they received was!!. If people don’t open your emails for months then they have come unresponsive and you are just paying money for nothing! You see you will pay for the amount of people on your list!

To clean up your list you need to do this: Go to…..Subscribers menu and then you want to find where it says manage subscribers and then find where it says unsubscribed! Like this:

Then when you click on here you can begin to see if anyone has unsubscribed and then you must be consistent in deleting them. I tend to do this once a week, but it’s up to you to find what works and of course the larger the list you more you need to do this.

Aweber Tutorial: Section 3

One of the most time consuming things you will have to do is create an email follow up, but see it as reward for your hard work when you can make a lot of sales! I won’t complicate this, I will just walk you through some things ok! So first you need to go here:

Click on create message and then you have some options but if your just beginning then I recommend you use the drag and drop email builder as this is the easiest one to use!! You will then come to the builder itself and it really is simple you just need to use the tools avaible to you and write your message! In a future post I go into detail on how to write follow up messages but for now I just want to show you the platform. SEE BELOW:

Aweber Tutorial: Section 4 

When you create your list there are definitely some things you need to pay attention to. You need to first make sure that your list has a name that you will remember and also a sensible one. I see so many people using a stupid name and then I guess they don’t take much pride in their business.

It’s important to also have a list description. You obviously want to make sure your list description is what your list is about! This will be shown to people when they unsubscribe, so make sure this is correct!

You can change and access these things under list settings!

Aweber Tutorial: Section 5

So, onto the last section of this aweber tutorial and that is pay attention to the small details! This post by all means doesn’t cover everything some things you will just need to figure out when you do them, but I have given you a very good base to start with.

One thing you need to pay attention to is the “from” email address that you have set up. Aweber clearly tells you when you sign up not to use Hotmail or Gmail as a from address, this is because of high spam complaints and sometimes problem with delivery!.

To combat this you will need to have an address like or! You can get this free from your hosting account! it’s easy!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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