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So many people online have heard of google AdWords, but how many people have actually heard of Bing ppc? Have you? There has been a lot of hype and talk over the years about the effectiveness of this platform, but as they improve it and more marketers are seeing results….then this too should be a good traffic generation method for you. However, this is paid advertising and if you do it wrong, a lot of money can be lost….here’s some information to help you!!

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I want to split this post into some sections so here is what we are going to be covering……



This will be one of the most important things to do within your campaigns, so please pay attention because so many people don’t take into action this simple yet very valuable step. In the campaign setting there is a tab for budget, so lets look at that below shall we? (by the way I hope your having an awesome day!)


As you can see above, one of the first things to do is set a budget, campaign name etc etc. For the campaign name you can put what you want. But here is what I suggest, your running a REAL BUSINESS, so put a good campaign name that relates to your campaign.

Now, for the budget you can choose a few different options the amount and whether that amount is daily or monthly. Some people have a daily amount of $10 while other people or companies have a $10,000 a day budget…yes we will get there one day my friends!!!

Next, you can see two options, they are standard and accelerated. They give a pretty good explanation so I won’t go into that too much, but this is something to take into account.

Here is what I recommend:-

DISCLAIMER This information is meant to be tips and tricks from my experience and point of view…im not telling you or instructing you to go do exactly what I say, use it as a tool please!

Whenever you start a campaign you should start with a smaller daily budget, here’s why. One of the keys things to a successful campaign is testing and you don’t want to waste money testing, so a smaller budget can allow you to control your testing phase.

Next, I recommend that you use the standard option, your budget is spread evenly through the day and this way you can test more effectively…instead of blowing $20 in the morning…not good!! Ok let’s move on….


Next, we can look at keyword research, because as you know this very important and this can make of break a campaign!! Many people make the mistake of keyword stuffing in their campaigns. They make campaigns with only a couple of ad groups that have 1000 keywords in. Now, for some people and expert ppc marketers this can work when they know what keywords to use…but generally there are other ways.

There are many tools such as the Google keyword planner and even bing has their own keyword tool (see below). But there is more information to know about keywords.


There are three different types of keywords let’s look at some examples below and what they mean…this will be very useful!

Browse keywords – keywords that people use to generally browse between websites, blogs and review pages, products and services, with little to no intention of buying. Let’s look at an example of a browse keyword:-

Make Money Online“…… This is a general search of a general thing.

Compare Keywords – keywords and phrases people use when they know what they need but haven’t decided what product will suit their needs, they are looking for more reassurance or buying acceptance. Let’s look at an example below:-

“Affiliate Training Program”….. This is a more indepth search and the buyer has an idea in mind of affiliate marketing, these people are more likely to buy things.

Buyer Keywords – phrases people use when they know exactly what product or service they wish to buy or purchase. They have settled on a specific product or service and are looking for a website which provides that service. An example of this is:-

“Commission Blueprint Ebook”…. The customers knows exactly what they need and there looking to purchase with credit card in hand.

As you can see there is a lot to think about and keywords are very important, but if you realise some things like above you will make your campaigns much better. Now, ppc is not easy and it does take a lot of skill, but I wanted to share some insights and in future posts I will add even more content. Right sorry back on track here, here are some more simple things you need to pay attention to with your keywords:-

  • Create ad groups within your campaigns with 10-20 keywords that link all together in terms of relevancy and meaning. You see ppc engines like relevancy in campaigns and this will help the quality score, which means cheaper clicks for you.
  • Think about where the user is in the cycle of search from the above examples. This is important to target different groups of people and definitely make more sales.
  • You must understand the match types, otherwise you will loose a lot of money. Lets look at this below for a second.


As you can see above the match type is broad, now people who don’t realise there are more options will just choose broad and wow they will lose so much money. There are three other match types, phrase, exact & content. Don’t use content…you will waste money. But lets have a look at these match types:-

BROAD:- Broad match triggers the display of your ad when any of the words in your keyword appear in a user’s input, in any order. Can you see how this is not good? They appear in any order and will cost a lot of money, wasted clicks and not good.

PHRASE:- Phrase match triggers your ad when all of the words in your keyword match in a search query, in exactly the same order, even if other words are present in the search term. Now, this is a better match type but can still cause high cost per click.

EXACT:- Exact match triggers your ad when the exact words in your keyword appear in a customer’s input, in exactly the same order. Ahhh, this sounds more like it to me.

So here is my opinion use only phrase and exact match. You will still get the search volume and you can control your spending more. When I first started PPC I bid broad match and was surprised to see keywords costing me $5 a click or more sometimes, boy have I learned since then. So yeah even though with broad match you can get a lot of volume and traffic, you will waste a lot of money.


Campaign set up does take quite a bit of time but let me give you some valuable tips so you can get it right! Ok well let’s go through each step shall we? Ill miss out the first section about budget and campaign name because you can use that from above, so lets move onto ad language.


AD language is pretty self explanatory but sometimes for different offers this could change just find out what your offering and go from there. Be relevant.


Locations here you want to tick the box that says “selected cities” then choose the country or countries you want to target. This is a key point because for example one offer I promoted the other day the buying demographic was 74% USA. So it makes sense to target USA. Research your niche demographic online (free tools) and match.

Advanced location options here you should tick the box where it says “show ads to people in your targeted location. So our location for this example is USA and now this will only target people is USA, this is a lot more relevant to our buyers.

Next, is the ad setup and keywords. But I have covered keywords and I will go into ads in the last section of this post, so lets move on to more campaign settings.


Set bids you next need to set bid amount for search network and content networks. But here just put an average cost per click of say $0.40 or 0.50. You can adjust it later but please be aware bid too low and your ads won’t show up, bid to high and your cpc will be too expensive. However most offers you just need to target search network so turn off content you will have wasted clicks.


Advance targeting options:-

AD schedule you can choose when your ad is displayed for example Monday to Friday Saturday and sunday. Use some knowledge and find out when your target customer will be online searching and what days and times. For example if your promoting something geared towards students, select the time period where they will be home and not at college. Adjusting this will be a lot more relevant and you will not waste unwanted clicks and impressions.

Demographic here you can select male or female and ages to target again very useful for been ultra targeted. For example, I knew for one campaign that 90% females brought the product and their age was 20-30 so you need to select those age groups by increasing the bid on that age group and decreasing the bid percentage on the other non targeted age groups. To find information like that a quick search on affiliate platforms or similar web can give you this information.

Native ads Don’t worry about this for now, until you get more advanced, but if you want to use it search on bing about this.

Ad distribution here is where you want to turn off content network you only want search. If you have content network on, you will lose money. They are not targeted sites and will cost money. But its up to you.

pricing model For this select cost per click!

Schedule and exclusions is pretty self explanatory so just select what you want for this.

Ad rotation you want to select where it says “rotate ads more evenly” this way you can test a lot better. When you test you will want to create 2 or 3 ads to see which one performs better, more on this in future posts 🙂


This is also probably one of the most important things you need to think about, get the ads wrong and well…you won’t make many sales or see a good click through rate. There is an art of writing ads and I will share some insight now. So, let’s begin….

One of the main things you need to do is include your keyword or variation of keyword in your copy. Doing this will allow your ad to place higher for a lower cost…this is fantastic. You see its mainly about relevance, search is built on relevance!

Let’s look at an example ad:-


Make Money Online Tips
Stop Wasting Cash Make
Money Online For Free With
These 5 Tips!<—–Display URL<—–Actual URL

Ok, so lets look at this example. My main keyword is in the title, in the body and in the URL’s. There are also variations which is good for relevancy.

Now, I want to give you some copy tips, even though my ad example above is on the right track it lacks appeal and not many people will click. So, how do we get people to click? Let’s find out!!

Ad copy tricks


make money now
money online tips
that work today


#1 Make Money Resource
Discover the Secret
Money Making Tips the Pro’s Use!

Now example one is not good but example two is so here is why :-

The title is a lot more appealing and the use of numbers attracts the buyer, numbers have been proven to work over and over again. Capitals are used effectively through out the ad copy and if you notice the word “the” is left uncapitlized. this seems to work very well. The explanation mark at the end works well also, it makes the ad stand out more. The words “discover” and “Secret” play with the emotion of the visitor instead of the boring ad copy in example one!!!

There is a few more tricks to consider, but ill end this post here!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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