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Hey friends and welcome to my 2016 BlueHost review! With there being so many hosting companies out there, I know It can be hard sometimes to chose which one will fit your websites needs. There is also a lot of information, but today ill keep this simple and to the you can make the most of your time while you read this review!

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One of the big things you need to think about is how well will your hosting package work with your website. BlueHost is known to work very well with WordPress. WordPress would definitely be a smart choice for your website needs. These two things will work hand in hand and they will work well. Many of my sites use this effective combination!

Below, you will find my updated BlueHost & WordPress review. There are many great things about this company, one being the top notch server performance and really, really good customer support!

Shaun’s BlueHost review 2016 – (for your viewing pleasure)

I first want to have a look at some benefits of using this platform:

  • Amazing customer support – quick reply times and available 24/7 (yes even at 4am in the morning)
  • Reliable server uptime and speed, as your aware this is very important for any website!
  • Ease of use. It’s fantastic and so easy to use (I actually have a set-up guide here)
  • Cost effective and very affordable. There are a great range of plans
  • Exclusive BlueHost coupons for Google AdWords & Bing/Yahoo (free $$$)

Are you ready for your hosting package? As a valued reader of makemoneylivegood, I am able to offer you a discounted link! You will be able to get BlueHost for $3.95/month using your special link! You will also be getting a free domain (saving money is for cool people)…find your discounted package here!

Do you still need some more important information? Ok, great let’s continue on with my BlueHost review! I want to help you even further, so let’s look at each benefit in more detail and then you can really find out why I love this company and I hope you will too!

Customer support & why they rock at it!

With BlueHost having been around for many, many years, they have definitely got a handle of customer support. They know what works and what doesn’t. Mind you, you won’t have to contact them much because most people hardly have any problems with them and I am sure you won’t have many either!

I love the fact that they have live chat, email support or telephone. I know all the other companies have this as well, but with BlueHost, I have found the response time to be much faster and they actually give you better, more in depth answers than most people (This is key when trying to get your website back up and running right?).

What I also like about this company Is the money back guarantee! I think you will agree the much needed support of money back guarantee will definitely help you if you feel unsure.

Reliable servers! (This makes a difference)

One of the main factors why I love them is that their servers are optimized for WordPress! Now, if you have any experience with WordPress, you know right out of the box their platform is awesome, but with BlueHost it will be even better. Bigger, better, faster & stronger!

Reliable servers is a must, because you would soon be annoyed if your website or blog kept quitting. I sure know I was with other platforms that I have used in the past. I have talked to a lot of people who work with BlueHost online and they are all impressed with the servers uptime and reliability.

Ease of use & why it’s so important!

With anything online the easier and quicker it’s done the better right?! The cPanel is just great and very easy to use, you are able to manage your hosting very well and it’s very reliable. Stuck on what a cPanel is? Don’t know where to start?

I have a great step by step tutorial for you here!!

Let’s have a look at the cost effective packages: (My BlueHost review continued..)

BlueHost Review

As you can see from above there are 3 packages/levels! Let’s have a look at some features:

  1. They all have varying levels of websites. So from one site to unlimited!
  2. Performance wise, I know people who have the different levels and they all say it’s the same, great performance!
  3. They have flexible domain and sub domains options, if you only want a blog the basic package will suit your needs.

Let’s just have one last look at the types:

BASIC:- This is great for people starting their blogs and a good start up package!

PLUS:- This package is for when you have many sites & just require a bit more email storage and sub domains!

PRO:- This package is good for large businesses and come with many extra features and of course a higher price tag!

All in all most people will start with the basic and then as there site grows, so do there hosting needs! I recommend the basic package to start with!! Have you enjoyed my BlueHost review Have fun making your decision!




Disclaimer/honesty statement: I will make a commission if you decide to purchase through the link above. I only recommend products or services that provide the highest and most complete value. One’s that make business a real business. Trust, reliability and value are all part of Bluehost. If you do purchase through my link….thank you very much for your hard earned support! Shaun f.

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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