Canva Tutorial : ill Show You How To Create Awesome Designs Step By Step!

Canva Tutorial 2017 : A Personal Guide!

Hey guys and gals and welcome to my canva tutorial! I really will enjoy putting this post together and of course I want to help you also! Welcome to my latest blog post! 🙂

canva tutorial

Hey there and welcome to my latest post, I hope you enjoy this canva tutorial! Ok, so let’s dive right into this and go through some awesome things you can do with canva!. Whether you need blog graphics or a YouTube thumbnail, canva can really help with these designs.

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First off I love how simple this site is to navigate and get started! My time is precious so I want a tool that is going to be able to work effectively and efficiently right? The menu’s are clear and I know where and how I am suppose to use this site! Many images you see on this blog have been created by canva and this is one of the main reasons I wanted to do this canva tutorial to help other blog owners/website owners!

This platform doesn’t just stop at blog graphics though, you can make social media designs and many more things! I really like the fact that your able to input custom dimensions and make the design really unique! Some other platforms don’t offer this and I also love how quick this sites loads and the easy to use editor is awesome!

So, when your looking to create a design you will see a menu like this:


There are many features in this section some include:

  • Twitter post
  • Pinterest graphic
  • Facebook post
  • Twitter header
  • YouTube thumbnail

And these designs are really easy to create! Ok, so I want to do something cool in this canva tutorial now, I want to create something with you right in this post, step by step is that ok? Ok, follow me below and I show you some super awesome tricks and tips!


Ok, so let’s go ahead and choose a design template that we want to use! For this I will be choosing a YouTube thumbnail template ok? It’s 1280px X 720px which is the exact size for a youtube thumbnail, awesome hey? Ok, so choose this option below:



Ok, for step two you will then be taken to the editor when you click on the image above and you will see all kinds of cool options and menus. You can search for images or use the pre designed templates and you can even use some background images and images of your own. The main menu will look like this:



I hope your enjoying this canva tutorial let’s move on to the next step! So I am just going to create a simple background first, nothing flashy but a good example! So, I will go to where it says background and then you can choose a colour of background and also patterns if you like. There are free and paid backgrounds so it’s up to you what you choose, but for this example I will be using a free on OK SEE BELOW:



Ok awesome we have a base for our design now which is half the battle right? I like this colour so I chose it! Next we can add some text and pictures or just text or just a picture. In the next couple of slides I will adding some text and then a picture so again all you need to do is locate these options on the side of the menu bar and it will open up that section and some really cool customization features. SEE?


SEE? I have now added some text and a cool picture! This design is really coming together and I really like it, this would be ideal for YouTube! With the text you have the option of different sizes of you can even choose different fonts which is excellent and there is at least another 5-10 options.

For the images you can upload your own like I have done or again use free or paid ones! Play about with design and see what you can achieve! When you are ready to download your design, you need to save it and download it! There are many options for this!

Hit the download button and then your masterpiece is created and can be uploaded to YouTube from your computer the next time you need an awesome thumbnail! I hope you have enjoyed this personal canva tutorial and I would love to know your guys and gals thoughts on this platform!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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