Clickbank Tutorial : Master These 6 Things & Really Conquer Clickbank

Clickbank Tutorial 2018!

Welcome friends to another Clickbank tutorial! I am excited to share with you some great information today on Clickbank marketing! Whether your just starting out in affiliate marketing or are a seasoned professional, you will still find some golden nuggets here! ( I always aim to provide the best value I can!). 

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You probably already know what Clickbank is so I won’t go over this in very much detail, but basically this is a platform from which you can become an affiliate and sell digital products online! That is the basic idea of this money making way. I want to help you and go through 6 things you must do to make money with clickbank!! Here is what we will be covering in this Clickbank tutorial:

  • How to properly select a product to promote
  • Things to look for in a helpful affiliate page
  • Why you must be truthful in your account set up!
  • Some important things you need to remember as an affiliate for Clickbank!
  • What type of campaign you should be running…
  • What you need to do to make hundreds of sales a day! (YES a day)!!

Clickbank tutorial #1 : How to properly select a product to promote

One of the most important things you need to think about is selecting the right product! You also need to realise that some niches will simply just not make any money! You should stick to the bigger and proven niches such as love, health, wealth etc. Let me take you through an example: For this we will choose health and fitness!


So click on health and fitness then you will come to the products page! Now, you can search by gravity or by popularity. But bear in mind please just take the gravity and other numbers with a pinch of salt. They are only 75% accurate and have more meaning than most people realise but we can talk about that later! I have found a good product and I will tell you why, but first here it is:


Well, first of all this has a high gravity which is somewhat of a good indication! Secondly I like that the conversion rate is 8% this is fantastic! $2.20 EPC, well this is great EPC means earnings per click and anything over $0.75c EPC is really worth your time! It also has a generous 75% commission so this is a good product! Let’s move on…

Clickbank tutorial #2 : Things to look for in a helpful affiliate page

When you promote a product you want all the help you can get so this is why I want to show you what a helpful affiliate page looks like and kind of break it down for you to show you why it’s good ok? Ok here is a good example, well a section of it anyways! You can find the full page!


So, as you can see this is a very good affiliate page it has things like:

  1. Ready made banners!
  2. Articles you can model and use!
  3. Detailed email swipes!
  4. Video content
  5. AND much more…

You need to make sure you find a helpful page like this! This will really help with your marketing and save you a ton of time!

Clickbank tutorial #3 : Why you must be truthful in your account setup

A lot of affiliate marketers online don’t take this business serious enough and some of them don’t even make sure their affiliates accounts are right and truthful! This is like any business, it is just online that’s all. You need to make sure that you provide all the correct information such as address, name etc.

You also need to make sure that if a Clickbank representive ever contacts you about your account that you be honest and upfront with them. They have the power to ask you about your promotions and many other elements of your marketing! One of my friends once had to let them know how he was promoting his products!

He was selling a lot of products a day and they checked how he was doing it! Be honest and treat this like a real business 🙂 Let’s move on….

Clickbank tutorial #4 : Some important things you need to remember as an affiliate for Clickbank


Here are some things you need to remember:

  • The conversion on digital products is less than on physical products!
  • You need to be unique with your marketing, there are thousands of affiliates…
  • Do your research properly and take the time to do it!
  • Focus on one niche at once and then scale up!
  • Have a process in place!

Clickbank tutorial #5 : What type of campaign you should be running!

Making a lot of money on Clickbank will depend on how well you market the product! You really will need to learn how to use a USP (unique selling point). I have many posts on this blog about such stuff feel free to read it sometime! A campaign set up should look like this:


Ok, so this is a simple one and a good starting point. You need to offer some free in exchange for an email, then you offer a low end product to compliment your main offer! You can read more about this particular funnel and campaign here if you like!. Ok great let’s move onto the last section I hope your enjoying this!!

Clickbank tutorial #6 : What you need to do to make hundreds of sales a day! (YES a day)!!

Here are some things you can do to really make a lot of money with Clickbank:

  • After you have a proven plan of attack, you can then scale up and promote in many niches…
  • Track everything. You need to make sure your landing pages convert as high as possible!
  • Find out which traffic sources convert the best and then put your energy into them!
  • Be consistent and always do what it takes!



Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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