Ebook Cover Creator : I Use This More Than Photoshop!

Ebook Cover Creator : Point And Click With This Awesome tool!

Are you looking for an awesome Ebook cover creator? Look no further I have found an awesome tool for you to use and I will show you some ins and out’s of this fantastic tool! I actually use this more than Photoshop, so it must be good right? Well read on and find out!

ebook cover creator

This tool is called my e cover maker! You can find it at http://www.myecovermaker.com/. One of the first things I loved about this tool and website is the professional design and the layout being very professional! I definitely look for this when I look into using any type of tool!

Below you can find and see what the homepage looks like! This ebook cover creator video will start you off on the right track and give you a little insight into the tool! :


Really awesome hey? You will be able to play the video on the main site! I just wanted to do a little introduction and a preview of this ebook cover creator site!

Ok so now you have had a little introduction let’s start diving into this ebook cover creator and see what it is all about shall we?

Ebook cover creator benefits and features!

=====> The first important thing I like about this tool is that it is really easy to use and of course the easier a tools is to use I am all over that, what about you? This also will save you a ton of time and effort which we all need more of right? Especially if we want to make even more money!!

=====> Obviously a big part of a professional looking cover is having good quality images and this tool will allow you to have that! HD graphics are standard for this tool and they can be sized up to 3000px and you can also create 2D and 3D! Are you loving this tool already?

=====> Next you will have the luxury of using a very powerful and reliable editor! You will be able to create custom graphics and also really get a clean and flawless look without the high price tag which so many pay! This is one of the main reasons I use this ebook cover creator!

=====> With over 100 templates you will be sure to find what your looking for! I love that I have the flexibility of picking and choosing exactly what I want 🙂

Would you like to see some sample covers?

ebook-cover-creatorimage source

Do you see how awesome you can create these things? I know I was excited too when I was able to make my ecovers like this too!

Is this Ebook cover creator FREE?

This is just my personal opinion and oh by the way I am not affiliated with this website I just love their tool and I want to show as many people as I can because I believe in helping people! So when is anything worth while free? Exactly never! You will need to pay to create covers but they have many different plans would you like to see them?


So let me just summarize the plans for you ok?

=====> 1) The first option is really cool! You get 5 FREE trial covers and there is no monthly commitments, which is what some people really love! But when your ready to download and have full access in this plan you can for the low price of $4.95 for a 3D cover! Let me tell you I have not found cheaper! AWESOME!!

=====> 2) The second option is where you pay monthly and what I love about this plan is you will be allowed to create banners! Which is awesome considering a professional banner (just one) will set up back at least $40! This alone is worth the monthly price!. To top it all off you have unlimited downloads, that’s right unlimited (oh I love this ebook creator cover tool.)

=====> 3) For the premium access you get all of the above and then access to even more templates and unlimited downloads! This is one smart option too and well worth the money in my opinion! Instant access to an amazing tool? Sign me up!

This ebook cover creator tool is freaking awesome and I highly recommend anyone that is looking to make ebook covers to try this out! I know no the secret weapon of the fiverr ebook cover gigs! HAHA! I hope you have enjoyed this post and found it useful! Until next time………….

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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