Email Marketing Tips: 12 Awesome Tips For The Smart Marketer

Hey guys how are you all today? I have a fantastic post today looking at 12 email marketing tips. I hope this post will add some REAL value to your day and your email marketing efforts!!

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A lot of marketers know that having an email list is one of the most important assets in their online business, but unfortunately a lot of people don’t know how to use this tool effectively. Today, we will take a look into some successful and proven tips for making your email campaigns top notch.

Here are my 12 email marketing tips for your viewing pleasure:

a) Realising Responsibility

Even though a name and an email address is something that is quite small and simple in itself, I want you to realise that it is a BIG RESPONSABILITY! For most people their email address is very private and a personal thing of theirs. There are legal things to follow and you also need to respect spam laws. We all get spam, but I don’t want you to be a spammer (I hope your not haha).

2. The Importance Of A Welcome Email

When you get a new subscriber you need to make them feel welcome and engage them right from the beginning! You need to start off on the right foot and provide immense value and positive engagement. You need to remind people why they are on your list and what they can be expecting in the future from you.

This will make them feel relaxed and trust you on a more personal level. You also need to remember that loyalty and a new subscriber has been earned, so you could offer them a great free product or discount of your training. Something along those lines works very well and it’s a thank you for their time and personal information.

3. Identify And Stick To Spam Rules

As you are probably already aware, you can’t just send bulk emails to millions of people. You have to have the correct email marketing strategy, which includes knowing the email spamming rules. When people opt in to your landing page or lead magnet, people have given you permission to contact them.

Without someone’s permission you can’t send them emails when you feel like it. But don’t let this put you off your marketing efforts…we are here to do things properly right? One of the most important things you need to do is have an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of every email. You should also put your address or company address to be 100% compliant.

4. Be Yourself And Be Friendly

People will want to stay on your email list for a VERY LONG TIME if you are polite, friendly and being yourself. Why would you be anything else? You see online and especially in email marketing, you need to be trustworthy and build long lasting relationships.

Businesses are built on people and relationships and to become successful you need to build quality ones. The tone of your emails matter. Use humour or a relaxed tone and then people will identify with you more easily and feel on a more personal level with you.


5. Make Great Content And Make It Shareable

Did you know that for example in Google’s Gmail, that if your emails don’t get read a lot and there is no engagement…then your emails will go in the spam or promotions folder instead of the inbox (which is where you want it to go!)

More and more these days social signals and sharing are becoming important. You should include some links at the bottom your emails to your social profiles, not only does this help with engagement you would be surprised at the increase in traffic you get.

6. Think About Structure And Layout

One of the most important email marketing tips I can give you is pay close attention to how your emails are structured. This like the above tips will definitely affect your campaigns. Why is this important I here you cry? Well, most people online don’t read every word of text on a page.

People scan and they like content that is easy to digest. Experiment with different elements such as sentence number or paragraph length. You can test and see which templates aid in a higher click through rate. One of the most important things also is a well structured subject line. Test these also, make them stand out and your open rate will skyrocket.

7. Pay Attention To Email Frequency

Did you know that even the quantity of your email messages could make or break your marketing campaign? There are many different opinions on this, so my advice to you is test and figure out what works, but let me try and help you somewhat.

I have done tests where I would email once a week, everyday and then every other day. Of course there was mixed results and what worked best for me was every other day, but for you it might work differently. It will depend on what niche or market your in.

You need to understand people emotions and life’s online. When I emailed everyday, my open rate suffered and my engagement was decreased. This told me that people have busy life’s and everyday was too much communication. They were sick of hearing from me, they needed something to look forward to in a couple days!

Are You Ready For Some More Email Marketing Tips And Tricks? I hope so let’s continue…

8. Manage Your Email Lists

When you create your email lists you need to keep organised within the platform and achieve some daily tasks, such as email delivery rates and people that unsubscribed. You want to keep your list clean and delete the email addresses that unsubscribe. This is important for list management and your business organisation!

9. Deliver Useful And Relevant Content

I had to laugh the other day, I have been on a list from this one website about fitness for a while, I enjoy fitness in my personal life and this blog was really good…so I signed up to the newsletter. Anyhow, I have been getting really good quality emails and then I get this email with this subject line:

“Hey, its freaky Friday and I know you want your ex back….”

Haha, well this email was from the same fitness blog, but talking about ex girlfriends. There was content about getting your ex back and an affiliate link to a popular “get ex back” product. I thought wow was this a mistake? I then realised they were just trying to sell me stuff.

This annoyed me and I don’t really open up their emails anymore. I use to read every email, until that one. Can you see how relevance and useful content is a must? Talk about your niche, not another one. This is one of the most, if not most important things to consider from this list of email marketing tips. RELEVANCE IS KEY TO THE INTERNET!

10. Give People Rewards For Being On Your List

Another great tip I can give you is reward people for being on your list. You need to be unique as a marketer and you can be by giving back to your subscribers and giving them a reason to stay on your list. You see you need to make it about them. It’s not necessarily what you want, BUT WHAT THEY WANT!

One example could be, if you have a paid product…give them a module or a few pages out of that paid product as a thank you for signing up on your list. You see it in the offline world all the time from successful businesses. They give discounts, buy one get one free etc, you get the idea.

11. Be Trustworthy

One of the biggest mistakes any marketer or online entrepreneur can make is being dishonest. When you have an email list, honesty is definitely the best policy!! Be true to yourself and your potential customers is a must and should be practiced every day!

12. Think About Email Length

Writing emails can sometimes be hard and we all get writers block from time to time but don’t let that stop you writing. When your writing you also need to think about the length of the email! Too short and people will not receive much value, too long and people will become bored.

You will need to have a plan and test different lengths of copy!! Sometimes a longer email will work better when your trying to pre-sell a product and a shorter one would work fine for a welcome email (for example). Test, test and test. See which ones get a better response. I hope you have enjoyed reading these email marketing tips.

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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