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Hey guys & gals, welcome to my latest post! In today’s post ill be going through a traffic case study. I hope you find value from this and as usual my main aim is to provide value and STUFF THAT ACTUALLY works!

Today, I want to look at how you can generate some awesome traffic from YouTube! Don’t expect to just put up some video’s from your iPhone and go viral. This will require work, but it will be worth it! YouTube as you know is one of the biggest video sites on the net and you need to take advantage of this…

To begin this traffic case study I just want to begin with a little introduction to YouTube and then we can get into the meat of things ok?

YouTube has an insane amount of views daily and the best thing is people actually stay on the site for a long time! So, of course this is excellent news for your video’s and content. But be careful, there are some techniques you should avoid…such as spamming affiliate links and just blatant website promotion!

So, one of the most important things you need to do is create quality video’s because in 2017 and beyond, YouTube is really starting to pay attention to watch time! The more people spend of your video’s the more likely Google is to rank your videos well!

You can produce awesome video’s by:

  • Planning and organising the content of your videos!
  • Have a good plan and structure of video content…
  • Be unique..
  • AND many more things….

It will also depend what niche your in, but I don’t care if your looking to make money from traffic, then you need to give value to your visitors!

Just like in this traffic case study, I am giving value that will help you! Now, some people can get away with no giving out much value, but their income won’t last long! Ok sorry rambling on, back to this traffic source!

Ok, so you also need to get your video’s ranked well for a lot of views and one way you can do this is by creating mini blogs on web 2.0 properties such as or Tumbler! You can harness the ranking power of these sites to use for your videos!


Another great tip I can give you is when you have uploaded a lot of videos. make sure to internal link each one if the video description, this helps with ranking and then you can create awesome playlists. People will stay on your channel longer and give you more views!

When you build up enough subscribers, you should defiantly consider adding ads to your video’s. For every 1000 views you can make money and have an extra income stream! This is just a little post today and I wanted it to be just that! Short but powerful with some golden tips!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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