How To Get Paid On YouTube & Some More Secret Information…

How to Get Paid On YouTube – Make A Full Time Income Today!

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Making money from YouTube is an excellent income stream and one you should definitely explore if your looking to make a full time income online… however, make sure you have the right information!

There is no point talking about how big YouTube is, because you already know how big it is & most people spend hours a day online on it so I won’t bore you with that!

Let’s get into the meat of things RIGHT AWAY….

Learning how to get paid on YouTube can be super complicated, so I want to only share with you things that actually work!


Just like any social media platform online, you will want to have a large following and subscriber base! The more people you have, the more money you can potentially make!

Ok, let’s do this…..

Ok, so the first way you can make money from YouTube is by monetizing your video’s. You can have things like overlay ads, sponsored cards & skippable video ads.

These ads come in many different sizes and they all serve a unique function! This is a great way to gain some revenue from your video’s, but you must apply to be a YouTube partner through AdSense!

They do have people manually check the applications, so it can take a bit of time… but if you get accepted it’s well worth it!

Many people look for information on how to get paid on YouTube, but sadly most people won’t make any money! Let’s take the above information for example…

Creating video’s and learning to monetize them is hard work, I get it… but when people say they want to make money online and then realise there is work to be done! I say OF COURSE THERE IS!

In order to make a lot of money from YouTube in video ads, you will need to do the follow things:

  • Upload content on a regular basis…
  • Make your video’s unique and have something of value…
  • Learn how to get people to engage with likes, shares etc…
  • Pick the best ad type for your video’s, some ad types just don’t fit certain video’s!

You need to do these things and you need to be consistent in doing them! The hard work will pay off and when you get your first check from Google… you will be so happy! (just like I was).

Ok Moving On….

The second way you can make some cash from YouTube is by using YouTube as a platform to other things. For example you can use something called Yondo, which lets you create your own store that sells on-demand video content with your own domain.

What you would do is have your YouTube video link to a landing page and then from there you will direct your visitors to Yondo to up sell them with some paid products and paid premium video content!

I know quite a few people who do this and make very good money from it!

While this way to make money with YouTube is not to everyone taste, it’s really not that hard when you work for it and if you don’t want to work then outsource it!

Another way you can make money is by building a powerhouse of a YouTube channel…

Do you think these channels with millions of subs, just do it for the fun? Well, yes of course but more often than not they are recommending products and services that they can make money from!

More people each day are figuring out how to do this and then making a ton of money!

It is also important for branding, as I have discussed many times on this blog… making a name for yourself and building a brand is key!

When you have built up a brand you can sell stuff! There is one YouTuber called casey nesisate and his video’s are about video editing tips and his daily life…

What he then does is in his description, he will be like:

===> Are you interested in using the camera I use to do your own vlogging?

Then he will have a link to an amazon camera and then make money from that! See how simple that is? With a large amount of views, you really can see how a lot of money is being made right?

Are you enjoying this post on how to get paid on YouTube? Let’s move on…

In your learning on how to get paid on YouTube, I have gone through some key things that you need to do and I have some more ways… so hang tight for those!

One of the final ways you can make money is by having a funnel set up starting with your YouTube video’s. What you will want to do here is (see example funnel below:)


By having a funnel like this you can warm the visitor up and thus make more sales! I would just like to go through each step of the funnel and explain a bit more if that’s ok?

Ok, so first you create your video on an awesome topic and then at the end of your video, you have a call to action that takes people to your squeeze page!

You then offer them a lead magnet on that page in exchange for their email address… Then on the thank you page you offer them a low ticket impulse buy product so you can make even more money!

From their you can recommend them products from your list and then sell bigger and more expensive products! I will go into more detail on this particular funnel in a future post… thanks for reading this post on how to get paid on YouTube!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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