How To Promote ClickBank Products Without A Website:The Unrated Guide!

Welcome to the unrated guide on how to promote ClickBank products without a website!

Is it even possible to learn how to promote ClickBank products without a website? It sure is, and I am here to guide you through this awesome process!

how to promote clickbank products without a website

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Cool title, but what you really want to know is how to promote ClickBank products without a website properly and with no “fluff” attached right? You see many people think that you need a website to make money. This statement is somewhat true, but don’t worry you won’t always need a website to make money with affiliate marketing.

If affiliate marketing is something that you want to do to earn money online, then ClickBank will be a great platform for this. It’s one of the biggest and oldest affiliate/vendor platforms. But, in order to be successful you need to know some things that most people won’t share or tell you! Well…it’s your lucky day, I have some great information for you today!

Let’s dive in and have a look at how to promote ClickBank products without a website…

First, we need to do our research and find out what the best affiliate products to promote are. There is a lot of “hype” and misfed information of this, but I just wanted to start this post with some basic information to help you promote a killer product! (what’s the point of promoting a product if it doesn’t make sales and help people right?)

If your not familiar with ClickBank, here is what the marketplace looks like:-

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As you can see above there is a “categories tab” where you will be able to browse many markets and many products! I just wanted to take a look at this, if you want an in depth resource for how Click Bank works then you can read my ClickBank marketing post here!



Article marketing is the first resource I want to look at and in particular a site called EzineArticles! . As your probably already aware this is one of the largest and oldest article directories around. That’s fantastic Shaun, I here you cry…but how does that help us learn how to promote ClickBank products without a website?

Most people at this point would scream “but EzineArticles doesn’t allow affiliate links in the resource box”…WELL my friends this is true and why would you want to do this anyway? Direct linking is for less experienced marketers!

Here is what you need to do. Of course you are going to write a fantastic article and then in the author resource box is where you can add a link, but not too an affiliate link, but a well organised and attractive information page on your own domain name. (You can find out how to setup a hosting and domain step by step here!)

As, I mentioned earlier you won’t need a website, all you need to do is create a page NOT A WEBSITE!!!

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You need to create a page because of 2 things. EzineArticles will only allow top level root domains, what do I mean by this? Well, you need to have your own domain name such as They will not allow anything like http://clickbank-example-product/

The second thing is that by creating a great page for the product your trying to sell will really set you apart from a lot of marketers who only direct link or use the product landing page. You page will be unique, highly informative and will stand out!!

So, I hear you asking Shaun what is this “page” you keep talking about?? Well, before we get into that I just want to highlight one thing. Having a page or I guess a type of squeeze page is definitely one of the best ways to make money with ClickBank. It’s obviously not the only way, but it is one of the best.


So, you have a domain name and hosting account. You can make a page with something like leadpages . I will go into a specific post of how to create these pages in the future, but I do want to give you a basic understanding and some great information briefly in this post. So here is an overview of what a great page would include:-

  • Visual aid such as videos or graphs or pictures. A big part of affiliate marketing is pre-selling and when you can pre-sell properly you have a much better chance of making a sale. Let’s just go through an example. Say, you were promoting a product on how to use google AdWords here is what you can do on your page. You can have three or four training videos on how to use AdWords and how to setup campaigns properly.
  • You want a benefit driven headline and one that captures people emotions.
  • You need to have “call to action” buttons and reasons for people to visit the product.

Ok so there is just a few things to think about. I just wanted a basic look at this and like I said in future posts I will go into more detail. But that is resource 1 and how to use article marketing properly to promote a product.

Let’s move on and have a look at some other ways to learn how to promote Clickbank products without a website….


Twitter is another great way to promote ClickBank Products, but like any form of marketing you need to understand the golden rule and that is:


I am being serious here, well there are no such things as “spam police” but on major sites like twitter there are spam filters and clever robots that watch for spam. Most people will just create an account buy fake followers and every like they post will be an affiliate link. Well, your smart and you know this is not the right way. This is how to do it properly!

You can create your account at twitter and then start adding important information such as profile information etc. Look you don’t need to be a professional company or have huge following, you just need to do this right and engage with people. Then it will work. You will learn how to make sales and be awesome! Below is what twitters homepage looks like encase you have never visited….


Ok, so here are some pointers on how to promote clickbank products without a website with twitter:-

  1. Consistently add followers and engage with like minded people.
  2. DONT SPAM (remember the spam police)
  3. Add content and participate in daily discussions and add informative tweets…
  4. When you have built up relationships, you can simply drop your affiliate link in a tweet, use url shorteners such as etc.
  5. Thank people for retweeting or liking your content!

P.S I would also like to share a top fitness site that is also using Clickbank marketing to it’s advantage! See the video below:

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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