I Got 71 Questions But “Is It A Scam?” Aint 1

Hey everyone I hope your having a great day! I have a fun post today, I am going to be answering 71 home business questions!! Did you like my jay z reference? (I got 99 problems but a b**** aint 1 haha).

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Number #1:- Is it really possible to make money from home?

Yes anyone has the opportunity to make money online, through hard work…taking action and be consistent anything is possible. A lot of people don’t think it’s real, that’s because they have not put in the time to research and to be honest are lazy.

Number #2:- I have a blog, can I just use images from google images?

No, you are not allowed to use images directly from google images as it will land you in a lot of hot water in terms of copyright and other stuff. There is a little loop hole around this when you do an advanced search, but to be honest I would stay out of this and get images which you can use properly.

Number #3:- How long would it take to earn $100 a day?

Well earning up to $100 or $200 or even $500 a day is possible from home, but I can’t answer this question with a solid answer because it depends on many factors such as time, effort, marketing budget and so forth. It might take sally for example 2 months to reach this goal, but on the other hand it could take john 6 months.

Number #4:- Do I really need a FB and Twitter account online?

You have the option to do anything you want, but let’s look at an example here. Say, you start a website about DIY and you want people to visit your site. You can utilize social media for visitors and also to showcase social proof. People look at how followers you have or likes and then they decide if they want to interact with you. The internet is a very social world.

Number #5:- What is the best traffic source?

Well, it’s not necessarily what the best traffic source is, let’s look at it a different way. You want to find what the best traffic source is for your niche and funnel. Dan’s dog training site could convert traffic much better on FB than Simon’s gambling site for example. Traffic needs to be highly targeted and relevant to your niche.

Number #6:- Where do I begin when I want to make money online?

Ahh well this is something a lot of people struggle with and I tell you why. There is so much misguided information online that people get easily confused, but personally I would start like this. Don’t spend any money at first, find authority blogs and forums on your niche and LEARN, LEARN…LEARN.

Number #7:- Can I send emails to anyone, anytime?

No, never send bulk emails, this is call spam and their are laws that protect this. You need a solid platform such as Aweber or Getresponse to send bulk emails. Even then you still have to adhere to the can spam rules like double opt in and address verification etc. Do things properly and you will be fine.

Number #8:- How do I pay taxes when I work from home?

Oh I hate that word tax, but we all have to pay it right. Whether you work online or offline you will need to pay taxes. Each country is different so you will need to pay attention to your countries laws. Just for example like on Clickbank.com, they require U.S. based affiliates earning over $600 to have a taxpayer ID number linked to their account.

Number #9:- How can I monetize a blog?

Well, there are lots of ways to make money from a blog. You can sell advertising space, run affiliate offers and promote your own products. You can also sell a monthly membership and make money from adsense ads.

Number #10:- How do I hide an affiliate link?

Sometimes when you run affiliate campaigns, it looks more professional to alter your links. I don’t like the word hide, I just don’t. There are many services such as bitly or tinyurl. There is also a great wordpress plugin called pretty link. They take links like this…www.examplelink.com/gagggsyeyhshshshs to examplelink.com/product.

Number #11:- Why the hell is google named after zoo animals?

Oh you mean hummingbird, penguin etc? These are actually new search algorithms, Google is consistently changing and updating these and they give them cool names. If your going to go the SEO route, you need to keep up with these updates and changes.

Number #12:- What does SSL mean?

SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When installed on a web server, it activates the padlock and the https protocol. This means the website is more secure and there is less change of the website getting hacked etc. You see it on twitter google etc. Next time, look in your browser at the top, your see what I mean.

Number #13:- Should I just sell any product to anyone?

No, you should research what you sell and if possible look into buying what your sell first. This will help with your marketing efforts and also to be more authoritive. How would you feel if for example you sold weight loss pills that were actually bad for people? Pick worthy products that work properly.

Number #14:- What is a favicon?

A favicon is a small image most commonly 16X16 pixels that identifies a website in the browser and will help a website stand out when there are lots of tabs open. Can you see my one? Have a look closely haha.

Number #15:- Do I need self motivation to make money online?

Yes you do, but more importantly you will need to believe that it is possible. I see it this way your either in or your out. I don’t like doing thing half assed neither should you.

Number #16:- How do I find blog post ideas?

Good question here is a great post on finding great posts and ideas haha..click here to find out some great blog post ideas and tricks.

Number #17:- What is ROI?

Well, ROI stands for return on investment and with any business you want to make sure you have the best possible ROI. For example if you spend $1 a click on ppc ads, you need to make sure your funnels returns a positive ROI. If you don’t make sales you will lose money and therefore have a negative ROI…not good!

Number #18:- What is ad retargeting?

Every time a new visitor comes to your site, the ad code drops an anonymous browser cookie. Later, when your cookied visitors browse the Web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider know when to serve ads, this way you can re-sell to people who have missed your product the first time around, this is very powerful stuff.

Number #19:- What is the ideal length of a blog post?

Well that really depends on what your goals are. For example on my blog here i like to educate and write really long detailed posts. You won’t find any 200 word post here. My mission is to empower change, so my posts are long and helpful. Longer posts also help with SEO as google see’s more content as more help!

Number #20:- What is a “guru”? (Aladdin son? haha)

There are always articles and ads online claiming “guru this”, “guru that”. But what is a guru? It’s just another word for authority or master I guess. People see the phrase “make money online like the guru’s”. They are curious and what to find out more, so I guess it’s a marketing tactic aswell.

Number #21:- What are some of the biggest newbie mistakes?

From being online a long time I have seen newbies make mistakes such as promoting in multiple niches, following the shiny get rich schemes and giving up.

Number #22:- What does JV mean in the online world?

JV stands for Joint Venture. It’s a partnership you establish with other marketers where they promote your product for example and in return you promote theirs. This is basically the same thing as being an affiliate!

Number #23:- Should I just sell digital products or physical products too?

Well, this one is up to you. BIG money is possible with both avenues, but for some markets physical products sell better and vice versa. Like I say find what works and then scale it up.

Number #24:- What is Teespring?

Teespring is a platform that makes it easy for anyone to create and sell high-quality products people love, with no cost or risk. A lot of people design t-shirts on there and then market them to sell their designs. Some people make thousands of dollars a day.

Number #25:- Can I make money promoting hosting companies?

Yes this is possible, but what most people online don’t realise is that the TOS for the hosting company don’t allow direct linking to their product or ppc ads straight to their products etc. A lot of people send traffic this way and then they don’t get a commission. They didn’t read the TOS (terms of service)

Number #26:- Should I only use one traffic source online?

NO, you want to make money so why would you risk losing your income? If you only use one traffic source, then your putting all your eggs in one basket and what happens if that site disappears? That’s right no traffic and no money for you.

Number #27:- Does forum marketing still work?

Forum marketing and any type of marketing will always work, it depends on how you use them. You see people that say this and that doesn’t work, don’t use them properly and then they complain like little babies.

Number #28:- Should I use solo ads to make money?

Solo ads are a great way to get traffic. The problem is most people think negative about them and write them off, why? Because they don’t use them properly. For solo ads to work you need to find legitimate ones for a start and then you need to have a strong funnel in place. That’s it!

Number #29:- What is a “dofollow” link?

Within the world of SEO there are many elements and terms, one is the dofollow link. These link pass juice onto the linking website, it was introduced to prevent spam many years ago. When people are looking to rank websites, they should go after dofollow links.

Number #30:- Should beginners market in the weight loss market?

You know what most people will say no, but I am not most people and I like to think outside the box. I think beginners should and here is why. Competition means money is being spent, competition means a quick learning curve and learning is very important.

Number #31:- Should you target specific countries in your marketing campaigns?

Yes, yes and yes. You see not all traffic is created equally. What do I mean by this? Well, online traffic is sometimes presented in tiers. For example tier 1 is usa, uk etc and tier 5 is countries like Africa etc. Now, you need to take into account these tiers. They have different quality levels and will produce different results in your campaigns.

Number #32:- How do I prevent people stealing my content?

Well, for example on this blog, at the end of each post I have a copyright statement and in my website disclaimer it is clearly written about the terms of my content, so you should do things like this also.

Number #33:- What does LSI keyword mean?

LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are basically keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword. For all the seo people out there, you should be using LSI keywords in all your content. So for example if I search for make money online, my LSI keywords can be…make money online for free or make money online with google.

Number #34:- Why do you need to split test landing pages?

Business requires a lot of testing and optimization. How can you optimize something if you don’t split test? You need to split test your landing pages so you get the highest opt in rate you can. Always test for the best results.

Number #35:- If I own a website why does it need to be mobile friendly?

You see back when the internet first started, people only mainly use laptops and desktops. But fast forward to now, there is a switch happening. More and more people now are using their cell phones to access the net, buy things and go on FB. Your site needs to cater to this.

Number #36:- Domain privacy, is it worth it?

I personally think it’s good and bad. There are positives such as more secure privacy settings and then there are negative like a negative SEO practice. Google in particular looks for things like whois records that are open and phone numbers etc.

Number #37:- Can Fiverr help me in my online business?

Fiverr is a great place for many things and a great place for not so many things. You see with any site you need to figure out what works and if it really does work. Gigs for video’s and ebook covers work well and are good. But for example “10 million FB likes for $5” does not work so well.

Number #38:- What is “HOT” traffic?

Are you hot or cold? OK, but seriously what is hot traffic? Well, it’s a term marketers use for their traffic. You see cold traffic is something like a google ad straight to a sales page. Now, hot traffic has gone through a funnel and are ready to buy things, they are hot and ready to buy. It also means you have preframed and helped the visitor “warm up”.

Number #39:- What niche is best to make money?

You see apart from sales and a demand, the choice of niche that makes money will be different for everyone. To truly make money from a niche, you should have a passion and then you will be able to market better and have the mindset to be more successful and never give up.

Number #40:- What is the top IM forum online?

In my opinion it is the warrior forum. Many people keep asking do you have to pay to make money online etc? Sure, there are things you need to pay for like valuable tools, but this forum will help with your learning a lot. You just need to put the effort in and search.

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Number #41:- How do you grow an online business?

There are many things you can do to grow an online business. You want more exposure and traffic so you could use paids ad sites like google, bing etc. You can also go down the SEO route and get some nice exposure from the search engines. Also have a game plan for social media, this will get your site exposure.

Number #42:- Can you do affiliate marketing without a website?

Sure, you can I have a helpful post here!! (more to come in the future….)

Number #43:- Does video VSL convert better than a written sales page?

Well, here is my opinion in some markets they do and in some they don’t. Video sales letter definitely give a different approach to making sales, more and more nowadays people are interested in pictures and video’s rather than plain text (look at FB, Instagram etc). They have more impact and can really pre sell someone.

Number #44:- How do I find the right product to promote?

One of the biggest challenges many online marketers face is picking a product, now there are many factors but I just want to touch on one very important one. Your product needs to solve a need/problem. That’s one of the main reasons people search or buy things…they need to solve a problem.

Number #45:- How can you track clicks in a campaign?

One of the most important things to do in any marketing campaign is to track where your visitors are coming from and how they are engaged. There is one way to do this and its called clickmagick, I am not promoting it, just wanted to let you know a fantastic resource.

Number #46:- Choosing a domain name, long or short?

Well, this is personal preference, but let me give you my opinion. If your domain name is too long people won’t remember it and if its stupid like x.com, then well people won’t care. You should aim for in the middle and to make people remember. CNN.com, Mashable.com there is two examples of short but ultra cool domains.

Number #47:- Does site load speed matter?

The quicker and cleaner your site loads the better after all you want to give the best user experience right and that’s one thing you can do when your site loads fast. Did you also know that site speed is becoming part of search engine ranking also. More sales can be made also, load faster and visitors will stick around longer.

Number #48:- Why is list building so important?

List building is important because assets are important. Don’t get me wrong your list are your friends, but your still in business and you still need to make money. Relationships are key online, that’s why it’s very important to invest and nurture your list. You can also pre frame people a lot and they will gladly buy from you.

Number #49:- What is the best way to sell online?

NO WAY…..You are not going to sell online you are going to help people out build relationships and then recommend them a great product to solve their pain.

Number #50:- Should I outsource work?

When done right outsourcing is very powerful and can turn an 80hr week into a 20hr week. As people’s business grows they need help, there is simply not enough time in the day, we still need to eat and sleep right haha.

Number #51:- Should you give up if you don’t make money quickly?

You should never give up, how would you know if it worked or not? The word give up is not in my dictionary and it shouldn’t be in yours. So many people have the potential to make money, they just never see it through. If they did they would have a chance to see their hard work come to life.

Number #52:- Should I buy views for my YouTube video’s?

Buying views is never a smart move, now there are probably legitimate services out there, but I don’t know because I refuse to buy likes or views. Why? ill tell you why, because more often than not, there bot traffic, there is no engagement there and when these video sharing sites find out, they get rid of your video.

Number #53:- I am making money being an affiliate but how can I increase my income 10X?

You can increase your income by producing your own product or adding more income streams to your existing model. You can also increase it by re investing some profits in traffic, the more eyes that see what you have the more money you will end up making.

Number #54:- Where is the best place to learn about WordPress?

I have just the website for you..WP beginner, see them here!!

Number #55:- Who the hell is Neil Patel? (like my rhyming?)

Well, this man is fantastic! (credit for this answer….copyright @ quicksprout.com) Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. He helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 online marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world.

Number #56:- Where can you sell online courses?

There are many places to do this, but one of the best in my opinion is udemy. You have probably seen their site because they advertise very heavily, but its a great place to show case your talents and a lot of people have the pleasure of selling a lot of courses off this platform.

Number #57:- Why do people choose to make money from home?

Freedom is definitely a big factor, for some people that hate their day job…they would do anything for more freedom and also time. Some people like to work on their own terms and not for a boss. People hate setting an alarm, yes we all know the 5am dreaded wake up call haha.

Number #58:- Are visitors demographics important to my campaigns?

I keep saying and I will continue to say, relevance and proper targeting is essential in any campaign. Let’s look at an example shall we? Say you have a campaign that is selling weight loss pills for women, you don’t want to target the men demographic do you? It’s important and always will be.

Number #59:- What is CPA?

Cpa stands for cost per action, it’s a form of online advertising and there are many big cpa platforms online. Many people find this the easiest place to start making money, but be careful like anything else online..there are things you will need to learn.

Number #60:- Well, lets change it up a bit…what did you eat for lunch?

I had some pasta, salad and a nice honey tea…YUMMY!!! Ok back to business here…

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Number #61:- My family and friends just laugh at me when I tell them I make money online?

Let them laugh, to be honest no disrespect to your family or friends, but they are just jealous. Some people online make more in a day then some people do in a month.

Number #62:- Is time management important to be able to make money?

Time management online is going to be one of the most important parts of an online business. We can’t just stop life things like eating, sleeping and looking after children. Actually some of the busiest people in life are really good at time management in their online business. They know how to use their time effectively.

Number #63:- I have my own product, where can I recruit affiliates?

There are a few ways to do this. You can have your product on a platform like clickbank and then affiliates will come to you on this platform. Another avenue you could try is from social media, but weed out the bad guys. You can also use the option of having affiliate sign ups link on your website.

Number #64:- Are website pop ups effective anymore?

One of the oldest methods to collect leads from a website is to use what is called an “exit pop up” or “opt in”. They do still work but not how they use to. You as a marketer need to test different variations for example, static whole page pop up or sidebar opt in or even post opt in.

Number #65:- Are you direct linking to products? STOP!

What is direct linking I hear you ask? Well, its when you run an ad straight to a sales page. Don’t do this did you know the conversion of sales on this method is only 1-2%. Run your visitors through a funnel like I have said before and you have the chance to see up to at least 10% conversion, much better right?

Number #66:- What is your purpose to make money online?

If you said to make money then sorry I have news for you. Alright I know we are in business and businesses need to make money, but that should not be your purpose. Your purpose should be to add extreme value, help people with their problems and found out what people’s core desire are to fix these problems.

Number #67:- What can you do if you keep failing online?

Well, the first thing to do is not give up! You then want to see your failure as positive and motivation to find what’s going wrong and fix it. You need to find what is not working and then you need to change it.

Number #68:- Does setting income goals help me to make more money?

To be honest I am not sure if it will help you make more money, but it will keep you motivated and will give you a great mindset. When you reach your first goal and see the results, then the 2nd and 3rd goal will be much easier to reach!

Number #69:- How do you deal with information overload?

You can deal with it by learning a few chunks out of the pie at a time. Even just learning one thing will help here. People try to take on too many tasks and then they become confused and overwhelmed. Focus on what is important and then you can complete things step by step.

Number #70:- What is the “secret” to make money online?

And the secret is? There is no secret YOU NEED TO WORK HARD, NEVER GIVE UP AND BE CONSISTENT!

Number #71:- Is it important to optimize YouTube video’s?

Yes, if you want some nice search engine traffic you can do a few things to rank well. Just like any web page…pay attention to keywords and where you use them. Also build some links to your video and this will all help!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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