Internet Marketing Forums : 7 Tips For Success On These Forums

Internet Marketing Forums : These Are My 7 Tips For Success!

Hey and welcome to today’s post on internet marketing forums! A lot of people really do fail when it comes to a forum but today I can really help you understand how to use these platforms effectively and in a consistent way!

Internet marketing forums

It took me a good couple of years to really understand the internet marketing forums online and how they work! For example I am an active member of a forum called warrior forum see below for my profile and statistics:


Ok, so let’s begin these tips for success shall we?

Internet Marketing Forums TIP ONE : Profile picture

In the online world as we all know first impressions is everything and this is no different on a forum. You need to make it personal and you need to be yourself! As, you can see I have my profile picture as myself, but some people just create crap or even worse copy an image of google images.

Now, if your not comfortable having your own picture on there, then this is totally fine. You can get a logo or character head created and this works well as well. But you want to expose your brand and people trust people that they can see and identify with. This is important in an online forum.

Here is a bad example:


I have blurred some stuff out for privacy but I wanted to show you a generic profile picture. People know who scar face is and who al Pacino is so why do this? Poor branding…let’s move on!

Internet Marketing Forums TIP TWO : Affiliate links

Back five or ten years ago forums were less strict and people use to really abuse them but nowadays the moderation has gotten a lot better. One big mistake I still see people making is putting an affiliate link in their sig file. This is what people see when you post and it’s under your post.

In most forums, this is one of their rules, but yet people either forget or are just plain dumb. You won’t last very long if you want to do this. You can put your blog URL in there or you can even have a link to your landing page, but don’t make the mistake of putting a live affiliate link in there.

You want to build up your reputation and good will. You don’t want to ruin it right from the onset! Be smart don’t use affiliate links in your sig 🙂 This is what happens when you do:


Internet Marketing Forums TIP THREE : Being a douche!

Let me ask you one thing. If you were walking down the street would you stop and be nasty to a stranger and call them an idiot or be racist? Well, I hope you said no and I guess some people do that, but just like the offline world, the online world has feelings too.

I had to laugh a couple of months ago when there was a thread started bashing the forum and all the members. This specific person had a really bad attitude and obviously the replies were in disgust. It was taken down eventually but lucky for most people in these forums there is a report button and these do get acted on I looked into it and tried It myself.

The bottom line is treat people how you would like to be treated. Don’t be an idiot on a forum! Here is a bad attitude example:


Internet Marketing Forums TIP FOUR : Spamming

Oh no I hate this word, but it’s important to include this. I get it we all want our website seen and products sold but spamming a forum is not the way to go! I had to laugh at one thread (well it was 50 threads in 30 seconds). It was a Chinese thread in Chinese with nothing but fluff. This is one example of bad spam!

Another one is just putting a link right in the post. You see people won’t like that when you have not added any value or have been a consistent member. This really does tick people off!. When you add value and post everyday then people are a lot more likely to except a link in a post 🙂

Internet Marketing Forums TIP Five : Fill out profile fully!

This is a simple yet effective thing to do but most people forget this. I get it in today’s society we have to rush here and rush there. But in order to be a great member on a forum and to allow people to trust you, you need to fill out your profile properly and you can use this profile to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid to include everything you need too. Add your website, add your Bio and give people some insight into your life and business, you will see the rewards I promise! People will often look your profile up as well, see the amount of time mine has been looked at?



Internet Marketing Forums TIP Six : Be smart

So, a lot of these forums have search functions and menus to really help you navigate them. What a lot of people won’t realise is you can really use these things to your advantage. For example one day I was stuck on a subject and I was not going to start going thread by thread for the answer, so I looked up a search function for the most viewed threads and bam I found what I was looking for in 20 seconds! 🙂

Internet Marketing Forums TIP Seven : Be consistent!

To make it online you need to be consistent. Being consistent on a forum will really expose your brand and help you form relationships which is very important online (FACEBOOK ANYONE??). Post everyday and do it everyday! I have my daily task list and included in my tasks is to post 5-10 helpful posts on the forum.

Do this and your on the right path! I hope you have enjoyed this internet marketing forums guide!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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