Killer Landing Page Secrets: Impress Engage & Convert!

Hey friends, how are you all today? In todays post I want to help you guys understand the secrets of a killer landing page. A landing page (or a page sometimes called a squeeze page) is a marketers best friend and one of the most important parts of a marketing funnel.

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Why are landing pages so important I hear you cry? Well, just like anything in marketing one of the biggest things you can do to achieve success is pre frame people and having a landing page where people can opt in is one of the most effective ways to pre frame and engage people!!


Let’s begin shall we? (oh by the way I hope your having a great week!)


The headline or “hook” as online marketers call it, is one of the most important elements on a landing page. For very good reason it’s one of the first things visitors will see and it will grab their attention (hence the term HOOK). Sadly many people fail to grab people’s attention and lose their potential customer by having a weak headline.

Here is how to create a KILLER headline and what to look for:-

  • Have a clear headline, yes simple concept but being clear will put your customer at ease and they will feel connected to you and your page.
  • Be relevant, you hear me preach relevancy all the time and for good reason it works. Being relevant in your headline is a must. If you ran a ppc campaign about making money with affiliate marketing, your headline must match this message. Don’t talk about selling clothes.
  • BE COMPELLING! Just like with facial expressions we can all be compelling with words. Make your headline fun, quirky and exciting. Let’s look at an example…”make money now” is a boring headline. “Learn How To Make Money In 7 Days & Quit That Dreaded Day Job” is a much better, more compelling headline.


The next thing you should do is write a great subheadline. This element is just as important as a headline but firstly you want to make the font smaller and not over power the main headline. Many people make the mistake of having subheadlines the same size as the main headline and this is not effective at all.

For these you must address a specific point and you must do a creative job of copywriting to attract the readers attention. You will only have a few seconds to make an impact and to keep them engaged, so you need to do it here also. Being specific takes away confusion for the visitors and make the information more easy to digest.

Lastly you need to highlight to a visitor why they should continue looking on your page. Why should they read the rest of the information? Why should they stay on the page. You can add some benefits or features to subheadlines and keep all eyes on your page and hopefully a conversion!!

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Is gramma important 4 ure land ing pag? (I know I know the spelling is wrong, just trying to be a smart ass). Also I want to prove a point as well. Most people in life have basic spelling and grammer skills, it’s programmed in us from a young age. So, it’s important that you use correct spelling etc in your landing pages.

Did my first sentence take longer to read and confuse you some what. YES I know it did, so if there are errors on your landing page, people will feel the same and then your engagement rate will suffer. Using correct grammar also makes the person feel more confident and they know there are dealing with a professional, rather than a high school kid.

It will also add an element of trust, because if your paying attention to detail and layout etc, the visitor will appreciate that effort and see that effort as a link for gaining trust and giving. So, they will start to trust you. This is a powerful step so don’t forget this!


Trust logos and testimonials are another key factor in a killer landing page. People seek social proof or comments from people that have already done what your trying to sell of offer. People online now a days need to be reassured and they want to have a reasons for their buying or opting in decisions.

Gather testimonial video’s or comments and structure them in a way that looks good and adds value and awesomeness to your landing page. DONT USE FAKE ONES OR MAKE SOME UP THOUGH. Your online to make legitimate money, don’t scam people it’s just wrong.

I heard of one guy stealing reviews from a website a while back and of course eventually he got found out. People also filed fraud charges and he had to pay back all the money he made from sales. “TUT TUT”. When will people learn?? Ha ha.

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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