Learn WordPress For Free: Actionable Tips That Won’t Leave You Confused!

Learn WordPress For Free: Makemoneylivegood Style!

So, how are you today? You obviously want some killer information on how to learn WordPress for free, so I am going to give it to you 🙂 Walk with me as I take you through some really handy and actionable WordPress tips! Are you ready shall we begin?

Learning WordPress step by step can sometimes be a REAL CHALLENGE! Now, I will do my best to cover a lot of areas here but remember this is only a blog post not a 1000 page book, although I could write one if I had time haha. Anyway, lets get back on track here.

Let me keep this simple for you! This is what we are going to be covering in this learn WordPress for free post:

  • The setup and installation of WordPress (simple guide)
  • Using and installing WordPress Plugins.
  • The Basics of WordPress.

The setup and installation of WordPress (simple guide)

In order to set up a WordPress site your are first going to need a domain name and hosting! You can get domain names and hosting from a number of platforms, that is up to you really but let me just show you an example of a site called godaddy.com:

Capture(image source)

You can get domains as cheap as $3 a year, awesome! Ok, so you need domain and hosting then you need to install WordPress. Let me show you how to do that from something that is called Cpanel. To explain Cpanel will take up this whole post, so I just go through the basics of setting up your site with some screenshots!

Capture 2This is the first step where you have to find Cpanel.

Now I am doing this example from my Blue Host account, but they all have a similar way of doing it.

Just click where it says “Cpanel” then you can move onto the next section….


Capture8Then you can come to this section and see where it says install WordPress (follow my cool arrow).

As you can see, there are a lot of options on this page but stay focused and stay on task here. I know how distracting things online can be…

….OK your getting good at this! Let’s continue this learn WordPress for free guide shall we?

Capture 5

You will then be taken to a screen below, now this install is literally one click and its so easy (I know you love the ease of use..).

Then it will ask you which domain you want to install on the next screen, you choose the one you got free. Look at the screenshots below for more information….

Continue below:

Capture 1

SEE? This is where you enter your domain name that you purchased! (BTW this WordPress installation thing is so easy!).

Then you need to just check domain name and then you can move onto one of the last steps!

See below:


You just hit the install button and agree to some terms and services then your pretty much done!

There you go you have learned to install WordPress.

Keep reading on so I can show you a lot of other cool stuff, tips and tricks etc.

This was a super simple version of getting hosting and setting it up, but really this is the bulk of it and you have enough guidance to do it properly.

Using and installing WordPress Plugins.

What the hell is a WordPress plugin? Let’s find out:

“A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress.”

(article source)

WordPress plugins form a big part of the customization process and most of them are really easy to use and most of them are free. Now, just like anything online there are plugins that cost money, but these are for more professional sites and when you have some income to buy them!.

Ok, so are you enjoying learning WordPress for free with me? I Hope so, let’s go into WP dashboard and learn how to install and up load a WordPress Plugin! SEE BELOW:

CaptureAs you can see from above you need to be logged into your site’ dashboard and then you want to find the left hand side column with all the features and addons.

Select the option that says plugins! (see my arrows?)

Ok, moving on……

CaptureThen when you hit the add new button you will be taken to the next page where you can search and install your WordPress Plugin!…..


You have many options, but when you have picked one, you need to hit the install button and then WordPress will unzip the file and upload it for you then you just have to search on the screen below and see the plugins:


Here is a checklist so you know what to do after the plugin is installed:

  • Make sure the actual plugin is activated, sometimes this doesn’t do it automatically!
  • Find the settings for the plugin in the left hand side, a lot of people miss this!
  • If it’s a paid plugin, make sure to activate the API key!

Just a few things to think about there…Ok let’s move on and learn WordPress some more!

The Basics of WordPress

Ill take you through some basic features with some pictures so you have some idea what I am talking about! 🙂

Ok, so how to add an image? Follow these steps!

CaptureFind the media link in the left sidebar and then click on that and you will be taken to the media section! Here you can upload pictures, custom size them and do a whole bunch of other awesome things!


I have actually blurred some images out because this is the dashboard of one of my other WordPress sites. For privacy and copyright issues I hope you understand why I had to 🙂 Ok so its pretty simple upload pictures from your computer and then they will show here and you can upload them into your WordPress posts.


Let’s look at how to add a post:


Ill walk you through the process!


CaptureSEE? Do you like my handy work? haha!!

So there you have it a basic look at WordPress and some of the cool features! In later posts I will do more detailed and advanced stuff, but for now I just wanted to get some of this basic information out to you 🙂

I hope you have found this learn WordPress for free guide awesome, I know I enjoyed writing it!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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