Make Money Blogging : 7 Things You Really Need To Think About..


Thanks for checking this make money blogging guide out, what I am going to do today is take you through ten essential things you need to think about when your trying to make money from a blog! Whether your a beginner or immediate blogger you will definitely learn some gold nuggets here today! Thanks for your time here is what we are going to be covering:

  • Optimise your visitors…
  • Why you must build the RIGHT type of relationship…
  • Do banner ads really work anymore?
  • Make sure you have a resource page!
  • About me and you page..what the hell?
  • To review or not to review, let’s find out!
  • Engagement sucks if you do it wrong….

Ok let’s get started:

Make money blogging 1:- Optimise your visitors…

Blogging and making money is something a lot of people do, but most people really fail at making a lot of money and why is this? Well because they do not optimize their visitors! Just think about this for a minute. You get a person from google coming to your site and then they look around and leave, they might never come back and they have probably not clicked on any links to make you money! 🙁

You need to be able to collect their email address so that you can build a relationship with them and then eventually you will be able to sell lots of things and make a lot of money! This is how you do it. Why settle for a 2% sales conversion rate from your blog ads when you could potentially get 12% or more conversion rate from an email subscriber?

Here is a few example of email capture on this blog:

make money blogging

make money blogging

SEE? Some cool example there and they do very in collecting leads etc. You just need to start with some simple things like this and then you can test and tweak designs etc. 🙂

Make money blogging 2:- Why you must build the RIGHT type of relationship…

Just think about this for a minute! Are you in a relationship right now and have a gf or bf or wife or husband? Can you remember that first date? That’s right you were nervous, you didn’t really know what to say and you were holding yourself back! Well, this is how blogging works….

People will visit your site and they don’t know you! The first impression is very important and so is how you treat them and build a relationship. You need to get good at this and then you have the potential to make unlimited money my friends! But how do you build a relationship with someone you have just met? Here is how:

  • Have an awesome about me page, where you share personal stories and pictures!
  • Have a video on your site and introduce yourself, break the ice so to speak..
  • One thing that works very well is having a support email this builds trust!
  • Have all the proper legal things in place privacy policy etc etc.
  • Reply properly to comments with some help and insight!

You also need to make sure that you have respect and offer good will, don’t expect people to just buy something from you, you need to earn it ok! Ok good job let’s move on…..

make money blogging

Make money blogging 3:-Do banner ads really work anymore?

I see a lot of blogs complaining that they never make any money off their advertising banners, so do banner ads really work anymore well yes and no. You see back in the day the latest greatest flash banner ad would work very well but we are talking like 10 years ago now. Don’t get me wrong some ads do work but they are done differently and with a lot more professionalism and thought behind them.

You can make money from having other people’s banners on your site and then charging them a fee, but this works better in some niches such as health etc not necessarily the home business niche. I thing that works very well is having a  personal branded banner on your site like this one on mine SEE?

make money blogging

I have this banner in my sidebar and this sends people to a tutorial on how to start a blog! It’s personal and my face adds some trust and believe me this is one of the most clicked on things on my site :).

Make money blogging 4:- Make sure you have a resource page!

Is your blog a charity? Well you need to realise then your in a FOR PROFIT business! One way to make more money from your blog is having a resource page but you must compile it the right way and actually add some value and guidance to your readers! You see people need to see something a lot before they buy so having a resource page they can access often is a good idea!

One major tip I can give you is make sure what you recommend is something that you actually use! This way you can present the product better and this will also reassure your visitor that you know what your talking about! There is nothing worse than trying to buy something from a site and being unsure! WE all trust to buy on Amazon, but how about Bob’s gadget site? Ill let you think of the answer!

You also need to present your resource page well. Have sections and have some great images and then this will really help with the engagement of your visitors! Make sure to add that all important disclaimer!

make money blogging

Make money blogging 5:- About me and you page..what the hell?

You know what I love to do things differently and some areas of my site show this! Now, I am not the original person to do this but it’s a free world and we all do things to better ourselves! Most sites have an about page I have an about me and you page! You see this works very well because you need to make people feel like they are wanted. The more they trust this page, the more they will sign up to your email and the more money you can make in the long run!

make money blogging

Make money blogging 6:- To review or not to review, let’s find out!

One way you can make money from blogging is by doing review posts for example profit builder review or google sniper review! They can work very well so should you think about doing these on your blog or not? Well, it depends because if you want to work hard then you should but if your going to be lazy then stay away from this type of post because they do require a lot of work!

If your willing to put in the work, then review posts work very well. There are blogs dedicated just to being review blogs and one such one I know of makes $50,000 a month so that is very impressive but I know that site has the best quality reviews and some awesome bonuses to back it up :).

Here are some extra things to think about in review posts:

  1. Go that extra mile and buy the product so you can give a quality review..
  2. Format your posts well and make sure you have a link to the product multiple times..
  3. ADD VALUE!! Give some tips and tricks from the product!


Make money blogging 7:- Engagement sucks if you do it wrong….

A big part of making money online is having engagement on the things you sell or do! Without engagement no action is taken and when there is no action taken, then no money is made! You really need to think about how you engage your visitors! For examples the design of your blog effects engagement a good one boosts engagement and a poor design will make for a really high bounce rate!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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