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Hey guys another post for you today! I want to look at some key elements in an online business to ensure sales and more importantly getting it right the first time. This subject is one that I see many people having trouble with, even I did when I first started online.

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When people look to make money online a lot of times they over complicate things and they never think about keeping it simple. A simple mindset shift and they would become a lot more successful. They would also see making money online in a different light and from a different angle.


To make money online, especially with affiliate campaigns or any form of marketing campaign you need to understand some things. One thing that I would like you to understand first is this: You can make sales by moving people from one desired point to another. From A-B, from before to after or from pain to happiness!

At state “A” your customer could be feeling many things and emotions. They are either not happy, or they are ill in some way or they are stressed out about a certain situation. Whatever the reason is, they don’t like it and they feel like they are stuck at this point. Mentally, they are drained and they really don’t know what to do.

Now, at state “B” your customer has found something or some information that will help them. It could be a product of some sort or a guide of some sort. They have become free of the stress, they have managed to migrate out of the situation that they were previously in and they feel happy again!

So, from the above we can determine:

  • Your customers need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • They need to be moved/transitioned from A to B.
  • Your customers emotion is one of the key things you need to market too.
  • We can determine that people BUY OUTCOMES..NOT SERVICES!

Ok, so I guess that was kind of an introduction…let’s continue!

Like the title of this post mentions you need to match the product to the market. That’s obviously a wise first step, but then you really need to think about the product itself. You need to have or pick a product that is going to blow the socks off your customer. You need an excellent product that solves their problem…not some bullshit “HYPE” product that is just a waste of time.

The better the product, the easier it will be to migrate the customer from a to b. This is because when the product is better, you won’t need to market it so much. You can just make a smooth transition for your customer..which is very important in my eyes.

You need to make sure that your very clear on the customer’s desired outcome. This way your campaigns will be much more successful. You will market better and you will match the product to your desired market better as well, this is very smart marketing (I know your a smart marketer).


Next, you will need to think about some key elements they are:

  • What situation is your customer in?
  • How do they feel emotionally and physically?
  • How does this problem effect their daily routine?
  • What state would they like to be in after they have solved the problem?

Let’s go through an example and ill take you through the above points:

For the example we will use a customer that is looking to lose weight because they are overweight and fed up…(THIS IS THEIR BEFORE STATE)

What situation is your customer in?(1)

They are overweight and can’t break the binge eating cycle.

How do they feel emotionally & physically?(2)

They worry about their future health. They feel depressed and sometime have no confidence what so ever. They find it hard to walk up stairs sometimes and they don’t sleep properly!

How does this problem effect their daily routine?(3)

They often feel lonely and don’t want to leave the house. They find it hard to do everyday things such as bath for example.

What state would they like to be in after they have solved the problem?(4)

They want to feel fit and healthy, they want to attend more social events with confidence and they want to feel better!

NOW, LETS LOOK AT THEIR AFTER STATE (how your product has helped them..ill match numbers from above and put it into bullet points.)

  • (1) They have a diet plan and the right kinds of food-no more binge eating.
  • (2) They now have confidence because they are making changes and they feel in control of their health.
  • (3) Everyday tasks are now easy, they have so much energy and they leave the house more. Life is easier.
  • (4) They build more social circles and they have more self esteem.

So, there you have it some information about making sales. Whilst this is only one section of the pie I think you will agree it make sense to market and sell things like this 🙂
Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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