Fitness & Making Money Online? Yes, It’s More Relevant Than You Think…

So, you plan to make money online do you? But what a lot of people don’t realise is that at the beginning this takes a lot of work and for a lot of people, they find themselves not eating properly and that they put on weight or their health decreases. What I want to look at today, is the relationship between keeping fit whilst making money at home!


When I first started online I wanted to do everything and know everything. As, I quickly found out there is a lot more to this make money online stuff then I realised. But as I said I wanted to know everything. The more I learned and the more I worked, I began to really find out I was feeling crap some days and I was staying up way to late at night sometimes to 3 am in the morning and then I had to go to work at 6am… not good.

I was :-

  • Eating more and more junk food because I wanted to work instead of cook.
  • I was going to bed way to late…
  • I was putting on more and more weight and that wasn’t good.
  • I was sitting down way to long and my back and knees were starting to hurt.

Then it really did hit me, I thought to myself I need to change this and change this fast otherwise I will be making good money, but my health will suffer.


So, I came to the conclusion that I had two options interms of trying and staying fit while making money online. They were getting a gym pass and then going to the gym or buying home gym equipment and then working out that way. These were the two options and I had to decide on which route I was going to take.

Going to the gym takes time, you have to drive to gym and then do your workout, shower afterwards and then sometimes go and get some food. So, I was thinking to myself do I really have the time to go to the gym or shall I build a home gym and save time, save a lot of time.

I Looked into home gym equipment and found things like :-

  1. Treadmills
  2. Spin bikes
  3. Rowing machines
  4. Dumbells and benches etc.

This was excellent I could get my workouts in at home and I would have all the things I needed to keep fit. After doing a couple of home workouts, I decided that I needed a plan to stick too. I would have to decide when I worked on my business and when I was going to work out.

This is a key thing that you will need to do and it does take some practice, but you will get there and trust me you need to make sure you workout while doing your business, otherwise your health will suffer. I put together a little plan and decided that I would workout for 45 mins in the morning and then 45 mins in the evening.

This way I split up the work day and I am also getting in my much needed fitness and of course I made sure to eat better and sleep well. Guys and gals this is what you need to do in order to live a better business/fitness life, I hope you have enjoyed this article… ill talk to ya soon.



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