6 Profitable Niche Markets : My In-Depth Secret Review!

Profitable Niche Markets 2016 : An In-Depth Look!

Hi and welcome to another fantastic guide! This post I want to look at some profitable niche markets and dive into why they are and also share some tips and tricks to really help you succeed in them! This will be great so come and read what I have in store for you! 🙂

But before we jump into the profitable niche markets, I just want to give a little introduction on niches and some other cool stuff!. A lot of online marketers fail to do niche selection properly! What do I mean by this? Well, I see quite a common mistake and that is:

====> Online marketers think a market and a niche are the same thing…..THERE NOT!!

A market for example is something like weight loss & a niche within the market of weight loss could be how women over 40 get six pack abs. This is a big mistake people make and it costs them big time! Just knowing this simple thing will put you ahead of the game! You won’t have to struggle trying to figure this out!

One other thing I see is that online marketers will only stick to the main stream niches. There are thousands out there and they are all profitable. Think outside the box and try different ideas, you can find some real gems I tell you!

Let’s look at 6 profitable niche markets below:

Profitable Niche Markets #1 : Insomnia


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Insomnia is a good example of a niche market and a very hungry one at that! People who suffer from this condition have a deep emotional problem to find a solution! They are willing to do what it takes to fix it and yes this is when they spend money!

There are many forms of insomnia such as medical or physical like substance abuse! But one thing all these areas have in common is that they cause discomfort and more often than not depression. As a marketer in this niche you need to really market to their core desires and help them!

Most marketers would think that this group of people would just be tired and moody, whilst this is true, you really need to dig deeper and market to emotions such as:

  • Weight gain…people who don’t sleep enough put on weight and there lack self confidence.
  • Health complications such as high blood pressure…people then worry they can’t work properly!
  • Neurology problems…depression, anxiety and extreme mood swings make a person feel helpless..

See how I dug deeper there? You need to do the same!

Profitable Niche Markets #2 : Bankruptcy

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As we all know money makes the world go around! But for some people they take the idea of money too far and really do get into a mess which eventually ends up in bankruptcy. As you can see from the example above each year the number is getting higher and higher!

There is an upward trend and it will only continue to increase, this is where as an affiliate marketer for example you can take advantage. You can be an affiliate for credit cards or loans. But personally I would do it in a way which helped people get out of debt and not just to make a commission and put people into even more money problems!

There are websites online that write about this and then make a killing promoting solutions to this niche! That is the right way to go about it :). This is definitely one of the most profitable niche markets in my list here! (When done properly and for good reason of course).

Profitable Niche Markets #3 : Costumes

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Unless you live on mars, you are sure to realise that Halloween is just around the corner and this means kids and adults want to dress up and have a good old time! Did you know you can make money with selling costumes as an amazon affiliate? Did you also know that this industry is over a 5,000,000,000 (BILLIONS) industry?

Quite frankly for every holiday season I make a ton of money promoting and making sales for the costume companies and it’s a win win situation. I send this companies a nice trickle of extra business and I also make some nice cash in the process!

====> Take advantage of the holidays and make some good money with this!

Profitable Niche Markets #4 : Potty training for kids or dogs!

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Ok, so moving on with profitable niches! Obviously there are millions and millions of kids in this world and we all go through the dreaded potty training. This is a very big pain point for most parents and they are super desperate to find a solution that will help them potty train their kids properly and as fast as possible!

This niche is a goldmine, because obviously kids are being born all the time and they will continue to long after me and you die! So, the potential for profit here is always going to be there. That is why I love niches like this one! You are also going to provide some real help to your fellow humans!

There are many products you can promote, one example is a potty training guide off Clickbank! Market well and you will always be able to make money with this!

Profitable Niche Markets # : 5 Tattoo removal or supply

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Ahh the tattoo market. This market has a lot of cool niches. You can target tattoo supplies for example or bird tattoos for women etc. There are many affiliate programs out there that you can promote tattoo design websites and make a killing from. PEOPLE LOVE TATTOOS & it is a very upward trend!

I personally love this niche as I have many tattoos myself and I also know how much I love them, it’s like a bit of an addition. I love the pain of the needle and just getting it done! When you market to tattoo lovers keep this in mind and then you can do very well!

Profitable Niche Markets # : 6 Shaving and Razors

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Taking a look at our last niche idea here! Shaving and razors etc is a good sub niche of mens health! This again is a niche which will continue to be here way into the future and that is good! I particular like this example website approach to shaving! It’s unique and super cool and over 2 million FB Likes, yes we have potential here!

You can sign up to be an amazon affiliate and market this niche well! Heck I would even try and contact this guy and see if he would be willing to sign you on as an affiliate to make some sales for him! AWESOME niche and we all know men love spending money on things they need!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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