8 Awesome Tips For Succeeding With Social Media Marketing

Hey friends, I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Today, I want to talk about social media marketing and go through some great tips to help you succeed THE RIGHT WAY!!

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Social media is sometimes a complex thing to understand especially from a marketers point of view. Tweet this, Facebook like that, pin that….pin what? Are we playing that game where you pin the tail on the donkey haha? Let me put social media marketing into something simple that you can understand! Here’s what we are going to be covering:-

  1. Follower count & why this is important, especially to keep your account…
  2. Consistency and organisation of posts, tweets etc…
  3. Why you must be engaging and not boring….
  4. Networking with social media….
  5. Branding yourself & your social media accounts…
  6. Why social signals are becoming more and more important in the eyes of the search engines….
  7. Attitude and paying it forward make up topics for this next tip….
  8. 100,000 FB likes for $5…forget it……

Follower count & why this is important, especially to keep your account

Ok, so let’s dive right into this. We are going to be using Twitter as an example, but the same thing will apply to most of the social networks. When people create their social media accounts, they are excited and of course want millions of followers like all the big celebrities etc, BUT WAIT…..

So many people will sign up for twitter for example and start adding followers, 100, 200, 500, 1000 and so forth. Now, what most people don’t realise is you can’t do that. Well, to a certain degree you can…but there is a safe limit. Twitter doesn’t cap the amount of followers an account is allowed, but they do have filters in place to detect “aggressive following of users”.

Now, different sources will say different things. One might say it ok to follow 500 people a day and another might say that following 1000 people a day is fine. I personally would not go over 500 people a day. This way you can stay under the radar and still build up quite a following.


Consistency and organisation of posts, tweets etc

Do you know one of the biggest reasons why online marketers fail to build a social presence online and elevate their social marketing? CONSISTENCY….

Well, in any area of business if your not consistent then your results will suffer, but for social media this is a big reason why most people fail. Social media moves fast and the rate that people share things is sometimes hard to keep up with, but being consistent and having your own little plan of attack, will allow you to become successful.

Having a blueprint or organisation chart will certainly help with this. For example, you could have a calendar and each day your goal is going to be to tweet 20 tweets, reply to your new followers and add 100 followers. I personally find if I have something like that in front of me, I am more likely to stick with it day in and day out.

Why you must be engaging and not boring

Social media might as well be called engagement media haha. If more people online learned the importance of engagement, then we would all get more visits to our websites, make more money with affiliate programs and have far bigger email lists.

However, engagement is not always easy to master and some people really have a hard time of doing it. So, how do we become more engaging? Let me give you some ideas:-

  • Post highly shareable content
  • Personalise yourself and your brand-be funny, be yourself and show personality
  • Use visual ads in posts and tweets, videos work well
  • Tell a story, people engage more and will pay more attention

I know, I know none of this is easy or simple but are you here to make a long term income or $200 for a week and then nothing? You can make this simple, by just thinking and planning out what you are going to do before hand. You should aim to learn as much as you can, because social media my friend brings a lot of potential to your business.


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Networking with social media

This next tip is also very important and it is also very powerful. Building relationships and networking with other people in the same area/niche will bring HUGE rewards. This is so powerful that it can turn any beginner into an expert in no time.

To begin with you can just do a simple search of the top blogs or websites in your niche from google and then you can find links to their social profiles. PRO TIP: If for example a marketer is only following 25 people but has 100,000 followers, then this would be a good opportunity to network.

A simple search on google will reveal the top players in any niche, if you spend a bit of time digging. When you have found this people, you should then start sharing there content and adding comments to their wall or blog. Networking is about doing. ACTION is needed and you will see results.

Branding yourself & your social media accounts

Ahh music to my ears “branding”. I just love this word and continue to love this word. Branding is a must in any business, so you will need to pay attention to this and incorporate it within your social media journey. As you are already aware, the most successful businesses focus heavily on branding. You have heard of McDonalds, but you might not have heard of “Phil’s vacuum parts”. Branding is VERY IMPORTANT.

So, I hear you cry Shaun how do I brand my social account? Well, you should first think about being consistent throughout the platforms. You will want to use the same logo on your accounts and get people familiar with your brand. I read somewhere that it takes the average person “7 times” of seeing the same thing over and over to retain it or even take notice.

Your choice of logo and pictures is very important. It will represent you and your brand. Make use of the header sections and profile picture sections of your accounts. There are many ways to customize this, just do a google search for YouTube channel editor or something like that.


Why social signals are becoming more and more important in the eyes of the search engines

Social signals “woot,woot”. Hold on here, what are social signals? If your playing around with seo and websites, here is what you need to know about social signals. A social signal can be a retweet or pin or it can be a stumble. The digital world these days is made up of a large amount of these signals.

After google rolled out an algorithm change, social media platforms were forced to change their signals to “No-FOLLOW”. However, this is not all bad because many top seo experts found that more traffic was still coming from these links and it didn’t really effect anything apart from link juice.

When people share your content, they often link back to you or the source and if you know anything about seo, you will understand the importance of inbound links. Can you see how this works now?. Sure people still doubt the effectiveness of social shares and signals, but top experts can’t be wrong and neither can the bazillion shares everyday across the internet.

Attitude and paying it forward make up topics for this next tip

Just like in real life, the way you treat people online matters!! I see a lot of people that have bad attitudes, you know you must have seen them too. The trolls on YouTube comments, that say things like “F**k this video is S**t, you can’t make money like that”, type comments.

People on social media quickly become aware of people that are nasty and all it takes is one FB post or tweet and the comment or post will go viral. This is not good and you should always strive to be kind, polite and build a great relationship will people. I don’t see it as social media marketing…I see it as “building friends & being positive”.

Paying it forward? What do I mean by this? Well, I saw a great example a couple of years ago, let me tell you about that. One of my friends had shared a link from a popular website on his FB fan page and the owner of this website had seen this. They contacted my friend and gave a personal thank you, which I thought was awesome. When you pay it forward people will notice and this will elevate your “awesomeness”.


100,000 FB likes for $5…forget it

You must have seen things like the above, get thousands of followers or FB likes for $5..YEAH RIGHT!!. I would stay far away from these types of things. Well, I mean if you want you can buy things like this, I am not your dad..but my advice is too stay far away. Here’s why:-

  1. Buying followers is against most social platforms TOS (terms of service)
  2. Your account won’t last long
  3. The engagement won’t be there, because these like and followers are usually “BOT” generated
  4. People will find out and see you as not trustworthy (bad mistake online)
  5. Fake visitors often from tier 3 countries is what you will get and this is no good
  6. It’s just stupid, build real people with a real business

Can you see why this is such a bad idea now? You want to make real money online right, so make sure you do this the right way and properly.

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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