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Welcome to my solo ad marketing secrets guide!

In today’s post I want to share with you some important and valuable information about solo ad marketing. You see I feel there is a need for some quality information on this subject and today I will write some great things for you! I want you to sit back and enjoy this, because just like every other post I want to provide the best information for you 🙂

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There are many forms of traffic generation online, but one of the most effective is solo ad traffic!. You see a lot of people do solo ad marketing wrong and it costs them. These types of ads are not free and if your not careful you can lose a lot of money quickly. But today, I want to help you have a better understanding of this type of traffic. Ill let you into a secret (traffic is one of the most important elements online).

Are solo ads something that is really talked about or searched? Let’s have a look:

solo ad marketingAs you can see from the above screenshot, solo ads are quite a hot topic with nearly 68,000,000 search results, do you want a slice of that pie for your online business? (YES, is the correct answer).

So, moving on let’s look at somethings that you need to consider when looking for or buying these types of ads. I do some bullets first, then I can explain each thing in a bit more detail:

  • Are all solo ads priced the same?
  • How do we know the difference between a good and bad provider?
  • Is solo ad marketing ideal for everyone?
  • How many clicks should you buy?

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Ok, so let’s look at the above sections in more detail:

Are all solo ads priced the same?

This is a very good question but it is also one of the biggest mistakes people make when looking into this traffic source. They don’t take the time to research or look around and then they find the first seller they come too, pay what they offering then call it quits.

Some sellers offer 100 clicks for $50 for example, while other sellers might offer the same 100 clicks for $100. Can you see how quickly you could lose any chance of profit? With 2 different amounts how can you possible track your ROI properly? YOU CAN’T!

I HEAR YOU CRY “do the more expensive sellers produce better clicks?”. We will cover the difference between a good and bad solo ad later on, but for now I will share my experience with you. I have brought solo ads that have been twice as much as the next seller…but the performance of the clicks has been twice as bad. LESSON? Don’t always base high prices for quality.


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How do we know the difference between a good and bad provider?

Well, moving on with this solo ad marketing guide, I want to take a look at this next question. Now, my job in this post is not to bash or be negative against any solo ad sellers, so I won’t but what I will do is help you understand how to choose a seller that will make the most out of your money and do the best for your marketing funnel :).

Firstly, just like anything online when I am searching for sellers I like to look for testimonials and reviews on that particular sellers page or website. Now, as always not all testimonials are real so just be careful and use some common sense here. A good example would be the one below:

Capture(image source)

This is a great example of a real genuine testimonial! A great video by one of the sellers customers, showing proof and just sharing some awesome details. This is what you want to look for. Also a few other things to look for are:

  1. Money back promise!
  2. A support email that they actually respond from 🙂
  3. They will help write your email swipe!

Ok, so let’s move on with some more solo ad marketing tips!

Is solo ad marketing ideal for everyone?

When making money online some things will work for you and some things just won’t. Solo ads might be a waste of time for you, but someone else could be making $40,000 a month just with this one traffic source alone. A big part of running solo ads is having a profitable funnel in place.

You can then find cheap, reliable sellers and when your funnel is converting you can be a repeat buyer and really scale up your profits. My advice would be to test small with a small amount of clicks from many different sellers and then track and test to see which one produced the best results. (You can do it 🙂

You also need to think about what the seller niche is. You see some sellers only have lists in certain niches and if your not careful their email list could be very untargeted and this is bad for you!. Find relevant solo ad sellers that are in your specific niche!

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How many clicks should you buy?


Clicks can range from 100 to 1000 to sometimes even more than that! When I first started using this traffic source I first thought “oh why don’t I go and buy 500 clicks”. BOY did I make a mistake :(, you see at that time I was a bit silly and didn’t research sellers. (solo ad marketing rule #1-RESEARCH SELLERS!).

I brought 500 clicks and the conversion rate was poor and I hardly made any sales in my funnel. So, then for my next one I looked into it properly and found a good 200 click package, better quality and better results. Sure, it took me hours and hours of hard work…but it was worth it!

You obviously also need to work out how much money you have to spend on these solo ad campaigns. BIG companies might have a million dollar budget, while a person just starting out might only have $500.

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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