Website Traffic Training : These 5 Ways To Get Traffic Will Blow Your Mind!

Website Traffic Training : Learn What The Pro’s Know!

Welcome to today’s post on website traffic! Sit back, grab a coffee and really learn from what I am about to teach you because getting traffic online is one of the hardest things you can do for your business, but it will be worth it! Are you ready?


Here is what we are going to be covering in this website traffic training :

  • Social media traffic…
  • Mobile platform marketing..
  • SEO on Google!
  • Solo ads…
  • Blog commenting (yes this works but in the right way)…

Website Traffic one : Social media traffic

website traffic

A lot of website owners really use social media wrong to drive traffic to their website! In fact half the people I talk to who are looking to make money online think social media traffic is a joke! I am here to inform you it’s not! Let me explain…

You see it’s no good just posting your blog post on Twitter once for example. You need to have a posting schedule to get as many eyes on your post as you can! An example would be to post the link 3 times on the first day and then once or twice a week there after and then monthly also! This will add a lot of engagement to your post and then your site which is what you want right?

You can use free and paid ways on social media but I would personally start with free ways and then gain some knowledge on the paid ways because it takes a lot of work and you can use up a lot of money quickly! You want to focus your efforts on the big sites such as Google plus, Reddit & Instagram for example! Here are some key tips for social media:

  1. Be consistent and always work on this everyday!
  2. Build a relevant audience to get the most engagement, this is key…
  3. Do it gradually. These sites have filters in place to deter spam..
  4. Always learn how to use these platforms through educating yourself!!

Website Marketing two : Mobile marketing platforms

website traffic

So, another form of website traffic that is very effective is mobile marketing! This type of marketing is already exploding and this is evident when Google pays attention to this! I use a service called buzzcity! This is one of the top platforms online and I love how they work! Oh did I mention also this type of traffic is pretty cheap?

Just like any traffic source online you need to pay attention to the rules and guidelines. But as long as your an honest marketer this should be a breeze. With mobile marketing you can send image or text ads and what I like about this platform is that everything I create in a campaign gets manually approved and thus giving the best user experience to the people viewing my ads!

They also have a cool option of running a landing page style ad which is great for gaining opt in to your email list at a pretty cheap rate! This is fantastic and you should really try and look into this way to get website visitors!


Website Traffic three : SEO

website traffic

Ahh good old search engine optimization! This is another way to get more traffic and a very powerful one at that! People really tend to over complicate this when they don’t need to! Keep things simple and just do what you need to do! Stay white hat and then you will get lots of traffic from the big G!

Here are some tips for proper SEO:

  • On your site interlink pages and posts, but remember vary anchor text!
  • On site optimization is just as important as off site so remember this!
  • Build links gradually and don’t over do it! Google algorithm is a lot smarter than you think!
  • Keep yourself updated on SEO with sites like search engine land…

Building traffic from search engine does require a lot of knowledge and time but keep it simple and you will do very well! Don’t get defeated I know it’s hard sometimes when your post is stuck on page 15 but trust me if I can rank on the first page off google for a competitive keyword then you can my friends!!

Website Marketing four : Solo ads

website traffic

Look forget what you have heard about solo ads and all the negativity that surrounds them I am here to personally tell you that they work very well when done right of course! You also need to really do your research and find out which people are real and which list convert well for your chosen market! Stop wasting your time on crap and useless solo ads!

Here are my top tips for getting website traffic with solo ads:

  • Test many different solo ads sellers at a time!
  • Always optimize your landing pages and see which one perform best with which solos
  • Really find the best price and highest number of clicks!
  • Bargin with the sellers, contact them personally and try and make a deal!
  • Really think about your solo ad copy, if your struggling most sellers will write one for you!
  • Use your common sense!


Website Traffic five : Blog commenting

website traffic

Blog commenting to get website traffic? Yes this still works, let me show you how and why! Blog commenting is still a very powerful way to get visitors but like most things in life what you put in you will get out :). Blog commenting is no different, if you really want to succeed at this you need to make sure your comments add value and spark a conversation. Let’s have a look at a good and a bad comment:

====> BAD

Hi, I like your website

====> GOOD

Hi, how are you today? I have found some amazing value in your post about SEO today, did you see the latest information on the panda update?

Can you see the difference I hope you can! You also need to make sure that your commenting everyday and then you will see results! You will be surprised how many website owners will notice you and then this is good for networking and establishing yourself right?! YES GOOD JOB!!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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