Why You Will Never Make Money Online & How To Fix It!

They told you making money online was easy……

But really how easy is it to make money online? I am sorry for the blunt title but in today’s post I want to talk about something and that is making money online! Well, first of your obviously interested in making money on the internet, but I get it your confused, scared and extremely overwhelmed! YEAH SO WAS I!!

You see this is normal! I have been there done that, but still everyday I get confused sometimes or a bit overwhelmed this is just part of making money online, but most people will never pass this point and thus will never make any money online! It’s sad really because we all have it in us to be successful, we just let our inner demons control us!

I know, I know you have been promised gold and riches with little work, but get real where and when does this happen? Sure, you might have a rich dad who owns mcds but most people have to work hard to get real results and make real money! The same applies online in a real business! Work hard and work properly and you will see results!!

I have not even thought about SEO for this page or really even added any keywords! I just had this idea for a post and I am going to role with it! If you want me to do more posts like this then please leave an awesome comment below! (I thank you in advance.)


===>You keep buying the latest crap E-book or course with useless information that just wastes your time…

===>You keep thinking and not doing!

===>You have a bad attitude and mindset…

===>You don’t have a plan or blueprint or foundation…

These are just some of the things that most people get wrong when they are looking to make money online!!. Sure, some things are not that easy to change but you need to change and really figure out how this shit works! This is business my friend, we are not in high school anymore.


It took me way to long to realise this and if I had realised this earlier on I would have been much further along in my game, but you know what I didn’t beat myself up about this or see it as a bad thing, It made me determined to try and figure it out and that’s what I did!! 🙂

Making money online is very possible but you need a very awesome mixture of the right things!! One of the biggest things you need is knowledge and this is the main reason I have started this blog and will continue this blog for many years to come! Knowledge is power and knowledge is required to make money online!

Stick with it, gain the right knowledge and become the next online success story!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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