Writing Ebooks For Money? Have You Included These Important Factors…

Writing Ebooks For Money In 2017?

Have you decided on writing ebooks for money online? Well before you get planning and started there are a lot of things to know if you want to become successful with selling ebooks!. Heck you might not even want to sell ebooks, instead you could become an affiliate for Amazon and sell physical products. However, for today’s post I will be covering ebooks.

writing ebooks for money

Welcome and thank you for reading this post today! I want to really look at the ins & outs of writing an ebook online and also give you some tips and guidance on how to become successful! Look, let’s stop the bullshit and realise from the beginning that this is not going to be easy! There are so many people saying “oh but it’s easy to make money from an ebook”. NO IT’S NOT, but with the right work you can make it!

Before we really get into the meat of this I want to show you something below! This is a picture from google trends…and I searched for ebook money.


So as you can see the interest for making money from ebooks has gone down! That’s fine there is nothing to worry about here. I will tell you something more and more people are writing ebooks and then failing. Because they fail, they spread the word on social media “oh ebooks are a rubbish way to make money“. WOW, they failed so they automatically think everyone else will give me a break! There is still a lot of potential to writing ebooks for money!

Ok, enough of a rant (well a little introduction I guess)..let’s move on!

The first major thing you need to include in your ebook when your writing it is a disclaimer and copyright statement. So many people forget to do this and then they wander why there information is stolen or sold on another website! You need to make sure if your writing ebooks for money, that the first thing you include is an introduction and disclaimer! The below picture is from one on of my ebooks as an example (please don’t copy it :p).


This is a snippet and there is more text but I just wanted to show you a little example! This is important when you create an ebook you need to do it properly from the beginning right? Ok, let’s look at some more important things to consider when your writing ebooks for money!

You next need to consider who it is your writing for and what there intentions are! Do you want to target a large group of people by writing an ebook on how to work from home or do you want to narrow down your audience and possibly achieve more targeted sales with targeting 40 year old who want to get abs?

You need to think about the topic and the market or niche which your going to enter into here and get customers! So many people don’t spend time on this and then they wander why their ebook only make 10 sales! Research is very important in any online thing you do!


Another element you need to think about is the price of your ebook. In my personally opinion I would not sell an ebook for $997. In my eyes I would sell a membership course or a software for the price of $997. You really need to think about the price of your ebook, after all you are writing ebooks for money and not just for something to do!

But Shaun what do I charge for my ebook? Well, that depends on some factors let’s look at some shall we? Ok here:

  • What niche are you targeting? People in different niches have more or less money.
  • How long is your ebook? Some are only 10 pages while others are 300 pages. This will affect price charged.
  • What is your profit goal and margin? If your using paid traffic, you need to make more money than you spend!

writing ebooks for money

The next thing you want to pay attention to is how your ebook will be structured! This is very important because this can really make or break how much money you make! You see the ebooks that do well are the ones that are structured properly and create a path for success within the information.

Would you rather read something that takes you from A-Z or something that takes you from B-P? Of course A-Z, B-P is missing out some good steps and information and this is where a lot of people go wrong when writing their ebooks! Have a structure and have a plan to your writing ok?


Ok so there is some really good things to think about when your writing ebooks for money! In the future I will do a case study on one of my successful ebooks campaigns 🙂

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

Your friend


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