YouTube Video Optimization : These 4 Things Will Really Help You Understand YouTube

YouTube Video Optimization : The Simple But Effective Guide!

Hey and welcome to my YouTube video optimization guide! Let me take you by the hand and expose some really neat things to help get your YouTube Video’s ranked! READY?

youtube video optimization-a-simple-but-effective-guide

Here is what you will learn in this YouTube video optimization guide:

  • Title, description and tags & everything in between these little monsters…
  • Keywords for your video and why the right ones are super important!
  • Social interaction and why you need to pay attention to this!
  • Custom Thumbnail? Good or Bad?

YouTube Video Optimization Tip 1 : Title, descriptions and tags

When preparing your YouTube video to rank well you need to start by taking into consideration what you put in your title, description and tags. You video will not get many views if you just put something random and unrelated. YouTube works like a search engine and obviously because Google owns YouTube you want to optimize your videos so they have the best chance of showing up in Google search!

youtube video optimizationimage source

Above is a great example of a highly optimized video! Can you also see the views? That’s right 221,771 do you believe me now when I say the above elements are essential? Ok, so let’s break them down:


  • Make sure the title is not too long!
  • Add your target keywords in there and try fit two in there if you can!
  • Try to make sure it’s near the beginning of the title ok….


  • Just like a blog post more words is better! Include at least 200 words in the description..
  • Add relevant and LSI keywords in your descriptions to feed the hungry Google spiders (haha)
  • Have your main keyword at the beginning, in the middle and at the end!


  • In your tags include the main keyword, branded keywords and LSI keywords..
  • Don’t tag stuff though this is classed as over optimization and is bad
  • Include your tags in a list in the description, this seems to help sometimes!

YouTube Video Optimization Tip 2 : Keywords for your videos!

Keywords in anything online whether it’s a website or blog or video are always important! But you need to realise this! Not all keywords will show up video’s in the Google search! So, what you want to try and do is do a quick search to see if it’s worthwhile using that keyword! I just searched for “how to survive a bear attack” and then this came up SEE??

youtube video optimizationimage source

There you go here is a good example and do you see how high the video ranks? Considering the first 3 or 4 results get the most eyes and clicks, this is fantastic! I have found keywords like how to, or words that include the word tutorial show up well and for good reason, Google is all about user experience!

YouTube Video Optimization Tip 3 : Social interaction and why it helps!

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know the power of the latest tweet or the latest Instagram photo to go viral. Social media is powerful and social interaction will help expose your video’s so you need to make sure you pay attention to this!

youtube video optimization

image source

So, as you can see I have highlighted many important things here let’s break it down!

  • Just like any social platform social proof is a must! This example has nearly 200,000 subscribers, channels with more subscribers tend to rank higher because more people pay attention to the video’s!
  • Comments are very important, you won’t a high ranked video with 2 comments. Comments are a social signal that the video is good and thus Google will try and make people see it more!
  • Video’s need to have good content to get likes! See this one over 60,000 likes, again this is a social indicator!

All these elements combine to make a video get a lot of views, like millions of views 🙂

YouTube Video Optimization Tip 4 : Custom Thumbnails?

Another great tip I can give you after really studying this, is that custom and interesting thumbnails really do equal more views! As, you know on YouTube there is a list of video’s and your most likely attracted to click and watch the ones that have the best and coolest thumbnails, I know I am!! Just like this one right?

youtube video optimization

image source

Let’s analyse these two great thumbnails:

  • They have emotional triggers! For example a  very fat person, people will feel concerned and a half naked women, we all know sex sells right?
  • They use colour to their advantage!
  • The use of words in the second one is clever and has a good statement, people love things like this!
  • And just look at the views, half of these I can assure you come from the thumbnail!!

Thank you for reading this far!! Stay tuned for more awesome content.

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